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Our Family

Monday, May 15, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 33

Next week will be the last week I count in our regular school year.  We will still be doing some school work all summer long.  We will definitely be working on math and continue with Bible study over the summer.  We are will finish the section in Readers in Residence on Sarah Plain and Tall before putting that aside until next year and we have several reviews that we will be working on over the summer.  But our summer schedule changes and is much more relaxed and we will be taking some time off here and there.

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 33

Bible: This week we read 4 chapters in the book of Mark.

P.E. We rode bikes one day and ran one other day.  The other two days we took off because I did something to my knee, not horrible but not good enough to run.

Read Aloud: We read 4 chapters in Heroes of History Orville Wright for our morning read aloud.  In the afternoon I am so happy to announce that we finished Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer! We started reading Captain Absolutely, a comic book review from Focus on the Family.  In the evening we started reading The Crown of Kuros Book 4 of the Terrestria Chronicles.

Christian and Anthony have been very interested in learning about flight.  They had some money saved up and both bought some nano drones.  They are really small and green and black.  Anthony's crashed into the back yard somewhere about an hour after he bought it.  We have not been able to find it.  Christian has been flying his everywhere, but after he flew it behind me and it got stuck in my hair I told him to save it for outside.

Poetry: We are memorizing a poem called Some One by Walter De La Mare.

History/Latin: We completed lesson 2 in Latin Christiana.  To go along with that we read Numa Pompilius in Famous Men of Rome.

Nature Study: Our butterflies hatched this week!  We had 5 caterpillars and 5 painted lady butterflies.  We kept them in the habitat for 2 days, feeding them flowers with sugar water and fruit.  When we set them free, three flew off immediately but two hung around for awhile. 

Art: We were supposed to do Hidden Butterflies from ArtAchieve, but my girls used every single piece of paper in my house, even my computer paper for different crafts they were doing.  I bought some while we were shopping Friday so we will do our art project next week.

Science: Our chickens are 4 weeks old now.  They were flying out of their box so it was time to move them outside into a new pen.  As they get a little bigger we will move them to a bigger pen.

The new bunnies head for the woods every time they are let our of the cage, so the girls wanted some kind of leash to walk them on.  They are still a little small for the harnesses I bought and the rabbits are really not excited at all about wearing them but the girls like them.

Language Arts: Christian and Anthony did 4 lessons in Readers in Residence.  The girls have been using K 5 Learning every day this week.  Christian got his assessment finished for k 5.  Alex started working on week 1 of Lightning Literature 8.  This is an upcoming review.  I have used several levels of Lightning Lit in the past and have loved every level we have used.

Spelling: Christian and Anthony finished Step 8 of All About Spelling Level 4.

Math: Anthony did some k 5 Math and completed 4 lessons of MLFLE.  Christian did the k5 math assessment and 3 lessons in MLFLE.  The girls have also done some k 5 math and 4 lesson in MLFLE.  Alex started UnLock Pre-Algebra and completed 2 lessons this week.  Nick took a final exam for geometry.  He has completed all of his work for this year except science and his computer class.

MFW K: Emmie completed the lesson on J for jewel and read the story.  One day she decided to copy a verse out of the Bible all on her own.  She did a really good job!

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday was B day.

Friday we had several errands and Chelsea and Cody came over for pizza and a movie.

Saturday we went to a catfish derby.  We usually catch a bunch, but Alex only caught 2 catfish, Lily and Anthony both got a bass, and Christian and Nick caught a sunfish.  The others out there fishing did not catch many either.  All of the children got a small door prize for participating.

We spent the rest of the day doing outside work.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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