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Our Family

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 32

It was a short school week this week.

Monday was a regular day.  Tuesday Christian woke up sick and since he and Anthony do a lot of work together that gave Anthony half a day off.  Wednesday I had an appointment to get my eyes checked in the morning giving the children half day off.  Thursday we had to take Chelsea to Hot Springs and get ready to go camping giving the children a whole day off.

Bible: We read 2 chapters in the book of Mark.

P.E.: We ran one day this week and took off the rest of the week.

Read Aloud: We read two chapters in Heroes of History Orville Wright.  In the afternoon we read 6 chapters of Shepherd. Potter, Spy, and the Star Namer.  We also looked up and read some chapters in the book of Joshua to refresh the children's memory of what is going on in this book.  We should finish it up next week.  In the evening we finished The Search for Everyman.

Poetry: We started working on a new poem this week called

History/Latin: We finished up ECC, and we finished up Passport Ancient Greece a few weeks ago.  So for the next few weeks we will be working on reading Famous Men of Rome.  This will go along with our review from Memoria Press on Latin Christiana.  We read it a few years ago but it has some good information in it and the younger children do not remember reading it.  In Latin Christiana we did the introductory lesson and lesson 1.  This week we also finished the last episode of Drive Thru History The Gospels.

Nature Study: We moved our caterpillars to the butterfly habitat waiting for them to emerge.  They started shaking like crazy when I moved them.  I was afraid they were going to fall off, but they didn't thankfully!

 Our chickens are 3 weeks old now and should be able to move out of their box into a pen in the next week.

Art: We did the Sri Lanken Landscape with Elephant from ArtAchieve.

Language Arts: Anthony and Christian completed one lesson in Readers in Residence. 

Reading/Spelling We are also working on a review of K5 Learning and Emmie, Lily, and Anthony took the reading assessment for that this week.  Lily and Emmie both completed a couple of the reading lessons.

Math: K 5 also has a math section.  Anthony, Lily, and Emmie all completed the math assessment and Lily and Emmie completed a couple of math lessons.  Christian will take the assessments this week and then they will all have to take turns trying out a few lessons a week.

Nick finished MUS Geometry.  Alex finished 3 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7.  This week will be his last week using it because we have a review of UnLock Math Pre-Algebra and if all goes well that will be his math for next year.  If it doesn't I will have to figure something else out!  The other children completed 3 lessons in MLFLE except for Christian who only did 2.

MFW K : Emmie did not do any of this this week.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday was Mom's Night Out.

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics and the boys had a STEM 4 H meeting on computer coding at the same time.  But Christian was sick.  So I dropped off the boys, walked the girls into gymnastics and then sat outside their building with Christian.  Art was able to come and get Nick and wait with him until it was time for him to go to youth so I could take the others home.  It was the last Tuesday night meeting until school starts up again.

Thursday we started loading up the camper, took Chelsea to the doctor, went grocery shopping, and came home and finished loading up the camper.  By then Art was out of work and headed up to Daisy State Park for the weekend.  We didn't get up their until close to 7:00 that night.  We have had so much rain over the last week the water level was super high! So high there was no shore to fish on, the water came halfway up the bank.  One of the boat launches was closed because the launch was under water!

This is what it looked like in March. 
 And this is what it was like this week-end.  We were on the same site.  We could not fish from our campsite because there was no where to fish from so we fished from the parking lot where the boat launch was supposed to be.
 This is where the boat launch is supposed to be.  It goes out past those signs.
 There was no renting kayaks or canoes because you would have to swim out to them!
 You couldn't walk to the dock either because most of it was under water.

Art had to work Friday morning so he got up and went to work while the children and I hung out at the campground.  We visited the playground, did a lot of walking, some biking, attempted to go geocaching but either we are really bad at it or someone stole it, and did some fishing.  Daddy got back around 5 Friday night.  The weather for the weekend was beautiful and we had a good time, but camping is exhausting!

 I caught the first fish :)
 I kind of got a picture of them in the boat.

Nick, Emmie, and I got home first because I drove the truck and they rode with me.  When we got home, Nick and I were feeding chickens, rabbits, and outside cats and came inside to find Emmie asleep on the couch like this
(yes that's a Bible she is using for a pillow.) That baby was tired!
I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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