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Friday, May 19, 2017

Homeschool Crew Review: Captain Absolutely

Focus On The Family

My 10 and 11 year old boys love super heroes and comic books.  We were excited to have an opportunity to review Captain Absolutely, a super hero comic book with a Biblical message, from Focus On The Family.

 Captain Absolutely
Captain Absolutely is a 105 page paperback comic book with thick glossy pages.  It originally was written for Focus On The Family's Clubhouse Magazine and is a spin off of their Adventures in Odyssey series.  This is not your typical super hero comic book. It deals with the difference between God's absolute truth  and standing up that truth in a world that believes that truth is relative.

In this story, Bibles are banned.  But after a library explosion, Josiah King takes cover in a room full of Bibles.  With nothing else to do to pass the time he starts reading.  What he didn't realize was that a radioactive core was leaking and gases were filling the room.  Captain Absolutely was born, a super hero that shared God's truth and protected Metropolitanville (a city with no sense of right or wrong), from foes such as Dr. Relative, Fear Chemist, Unifier, Baron von Confuser, Cap'N Crastin, Farmer Vile, Sloppy Joe, and Edward Snooze.  Later on he gets s sidekick.  Hana, a young lady who thought she was the last Christian helps Captain Absolutely. 

I read this comic book aloud to my 10 and 11 year old boys, splitting it up into several different days.  I am not a comic book person, but I knew this was something my boys would like and I wanted us to read it together.  They are not familiar with Adventures in Odyssey or Clubhouse Magazine so this was the first they have heard of Captain Absolutely.  They loved the colorful and eye catching graphics in Captain Absolutely.  We all loved the story.  I love seeing a comic book with such a positive message and no worries about any inappropriate content. Children will easily relate to the lessons in Captain Absolutely as they deal with situations we all are familiar with such as fear, loneliness, feelings of isolation, stories on TV being twisted, being drawn into the lair of distraction,  and more.  I also thought the section on personal hygiene was a nice touch.  Children will learn about different worldviews and how those beliefs impact how you see life. I love that there was Scripture and the Scripture references throughout the comic. 

Anthony 11, says , " I love that Captain Absolutely defends Truth, Justice, and lots more truuuth! My favorite part was the part in the library at the beginning turns into Captain Absolutely and when the people come in to rescue him they say, "It looks like he's here to rescue us!"

Christian 10 says, " I love that he quotes Scripture.  My favorite part is when he captures Dr. Relative, disables the Lirus and returns the stolen computers."

In the back of the book you will find a list of all the characters, their worldviews, other information such as super powers, inventions, tools, contraptions that the character uses, along with a description and a Bible verse that relates to that character.  I think that would have better at the beginning of the book, but I was very glad that it was included. You will also find a Big Questions section that you can use for a springboard for discussion with your children.

We would love to see more volumes of Captain Absolutely!

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