Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 14, 2017

4 H BDay 2017

Every year our county 4 H has a local B Day competition that stands for Bicycles, Bait Casting, and BB Shooting.  For Bicycles they have to ride down and back through some cones trying not to knock any over.  The Bait Casting part has the children take a test identifying fish and parts of a fish and then they cast a pole into a target.  For BB Shooting they have to take a gun safety test and shoot at a target.  Children ages 5-19 can complete and they can choose which parts of the contest they would like to do, or they can do all three.

I did not get to take as many pictures as usual because I was giving the Bait Casting test.

This year Emmie completed in Bait Casting and won 3rd place for Cloverbuds.

Lily competed in Bait Casting and won 1st place in Bait Casting and 3rd place in Bicycles for Cloverbuds.

Christian won 2nd place in bait casting and earned participation ribbons for bicycles and BB shooting for juniors.

Anthony ran the practice run for bicycles, but did not know he had to do it again to be scored, so he did not earn a ribbon.

Alex won 3rd place in Bait Casting and participation in BB Shooting and Bicycles for juniors.

Nick won 1st place in BB Shooting for seniors.

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