Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 30, 2015

October Nature Seekers Meeting

It has been a long time since we have had a 4 H meeting.  Our last one was in August before school started back.  I had a meeting set up and scheduled for September, but had to cancel because that was when I was feeling well.  Then I was trying to wait until soccer was over and I could breathe again.

Anyway we had a meeting yesterday.  I decided we would have our meeting outdoors at the park by the new nature trail.  I found a scavenger hunt page that had the children find:

something round
something smooth
something straight
something rough
something that makes noise
two different kinds of leaves
something they think is beautiful
a pine cone
something fuzzy

We gave each child a sack and let them walk the half mile trail looking for the items.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and in the upper 70's.  They had fun looking for the different items and then we talked about what everyone found.

I had been searching for a nature craft that was one that we had never done before and would not cost much money.  I found this cute hanging decoration that used canning jar rims, fishing line, ribbon, beads, and leaves.  I had a bunch of the canning jar rims and found the other items at Dollar Tree (love that we have a Dollar Tree now!) We tied the fishing line to the leaves and strung the beads onto it and then tied the top of the line to the jar rim.  They did four of them.  It made a wind chime like decoration without the noise.

the beads did not show up very good in this picture

All the kids said they had fun.  I was so glad the weather cooperated!
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