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Our Family

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 5

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I did a terrible job of taking pictures this week, so I do not have many to share.  But, we did get a lot accomplished this week!

Week 5 in Our Homeschool

P.E.- We started using Family Time Fitness this week.  We had reviewed it a few years ago and really liked it, but as things got busy it slipped from the priority list.  I really didn't feel bad about not doing P.E. because the children play outside several times a day and get plenty of exercise and they participate in several physical activities outside of our homeschool.  But one of the children specifically needs to do ankle strengthening activities and I did not want to single him out, so adding P.E. back in to our homeschool day was a good way to accomplish that.  The children have really enjoyed it.  For some reason I am missing lessons 1-20 so we completed lessons 21-24 this week and I must confess those squat jumps were a little rough on this mama!  I guess I need some P.E. in my day too!

Bible: We completed lessons 6 and 7 in the Book of Moses Part 1.  Next week we will be starting a review of Grapevine Studies Old Testament Creation to Jacob.

Read Aloud: We finished our biography of George Muller.  If you have never read his story, you need to.  What a man of faith!! We started reading another book in the YWAM Christian Heroes series, John Wesley: The World His Perish.  We finished chapters 1 and 2.

History: We completed lessons 7,8, and 9 in The Mystery of History Vol IV on The French and Indian War, Catherine the Great, and The American Revolution Part 1.  They completed a worksheet for each lesson, added the timeline figures to the timeline, made memory cards, and did the mapping assignment.  Since my Companion Guide CD was missing some lessons, Bright Ideas Press sent me a digital download :)

Science: We completed the What Do You Remember questions from Chapter One of Exploring Creation With Anatomy and Physiology and started reading Chapter 2.

My Father's World Adventures: This week we completed Week 2 of Adventures.  We are only using the history and science.  This week's lessons in history were on Christopher Columbus.  We also started reading Pioneers and Patriots.  Science this week was on science with air.  The children were not very impressed with it.  The reading was only two pages and the experiments were things we have done before.

Art:  We did not have an official art lesson, but to go along with our lesson on Columbus, Christian, Lily, and Anthony did a drawing of the type of boat they would have sailed on.

Math: We completed lesson 4 of Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Algebra1.

Grammar/Literature: We completed Lesson 9 on Fix it! Grammar 1 and 2. Nick is still reading Puddin'head Wilson and Alex is working through his Progeny Press literature guide on Stone Fox.

Writing: Lily, Christian, and Anthony worked on Briar Rose Part II from Brookdale House and completed the copywork.

Reading/Spelling: Alex completed lesson 3 of Phonetic Zoo.  Christian and Anthony completed lessons 42 and 43 in AAR Level 2.  Lily completed 4,5 and 6 of AAR Level One.

Language: Anthony completed one lesson of Middlebury Interactive.  We did not get to Latin again.  But we will next week!

Horizon's Preschool: Preschool has been a bit sporadic the last couple of weeks.  We did get a couple of lessons completed :)

Other Activities This Week

Monday: The girls had gymnastics.  Nick and Alex had a soccer game at 6.  Christian had a game at 7.  Christian's game ended early because of lightning.  It never did rain which we really could use.

Tuesday: Christian had a soccer game.

Wednesday: Kid's Club.

Thursday: Nick and Alex had a soccer game.

Friday: Homeschool Park Day.  We all brought a sack lunch to eat at the park.  There were some fun activities planned as well: pumpkin sweep, pumpkin smash, toothpick/pumpkin building challenge, and a craft.  We had a great time!  Friday was the first time in probably a month or more that I have really felt like myself!  We also went to Walmart and Dollar Tree.

Saturday: Stay Home Day!!  After we made the kitten and puppy on the knitting loom, Lily wanted me to make a minion.  I found a YouTube video.  Saturday I worked on a minion with the girls helping.  He turned out pretty cute!  Now I need to make another one for Emmie.

Lily also lost her first tooth on Saturday!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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