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Our Family

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 7

This week was.....eventful.  In addition our ordinary craziness of soccer season and other activities we had a sick dog, overnight guests, and a field trip.  But we did get some school done along the way too.

Monday I had to call the vet because our dog Anna had been vomiting since Wednesday.  She was not acting sick at all.  She was outside playing and acting normal besides the fact that she was vomiting.  We got an afternoon appointment and loaded everyone up to take her.  They thought she might have an obstruction but did not have the correct equipment to xray her.  So we had to load up again and go to another vet in the area.  They wanted me to leave her overnight so they could run some tests and observe her.  We ran home for a few hours and right before I had to leave again with the girls for gymnastics the vet called and said no obstructions appeared on the xray and he didn't feel one when he examined her under sedation, although that didn't mean she didn't have a small one  (she has a tendency to eat clothing if she has an opportunity.)  He gave her some medicine to stop the vomiting and was going to keep an eye on her before they ran more tests.

Tuesday after lunch I called to check on the dog and they told me they would have the vet call me back.  A few minutes later the phone rang but it wasn't the vet.  It was a friend who had a medical emergency with a foster baby and needed me to pick up her three children while she took him to the hospital.  Shortly after the vet called and wanted to keep the dog another night.  On our way to soccer (all three boys had games at the same time) we picked up the children and they spent the night with us.

Wednesday the dog got to come home.  We had Kid's Club and our guests got picked up from there.

Thursday was our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We had a great time but it was so hot!  We only were home for an hour before we had to leave for soccer.  It was Nick and Alex's tournament game and they lost so their season is over.  It was probably Nick's last game because they haven't had enough players to do a 14-16 league and he will be 14 before next season.

Friday was a stay home day.  We did have some extras though.  I am going to be babysitting full time Monday through Friday for the same 3 children who stayed with us this week.  We painted pumpkins and had a quick science lessons on fingerprints while making cookies that were sealed with your fingers.

Saturday Anthony woke up under the weather with some sinus stuff.  No fever just feeling yucky.  Tis the season, especially when we drop 20 degrees in a day.  And the dog starting getting sick again.We are giving her the medicine they sent home for her.

We did get some school done this week too.

Week 7 in Our Homeschool

P.E. We did lessons 29-31 in Family Time Fitness.

Bible: We worked on the lesson on Creation in our Grapevine Bible studies.

Read Aloud: We are still reading through our Christian Heroes Then and Now biography of John Wesley.

History: Nick and Alex did lessons 13,14, and 15 on The Rise of Napoleon, The Louisiana Purchase, and William Wilberforce.  We did the worksheets, map, timeline figures, and memory cards.

Science: We started Chapter 3 of Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics on muscles.

My Father's World Adventures: We completed the first 3 days of week 4 of Adventures.  We are learning about the different Indian tribes.  To go along with what we are learning I ordered some craft kits from Hobby Lobby.  We made a tepee, and a tomahawk.  I also have a canoe kit will did not get to.  In science we learned about the stars and the planets.

Art: We painted pumpkins!

Math: Completed lesson 6 of Math U See alpha, gamma, delta, epsilon, and algebra 1.

Grammar/Literature: Completed Lesson 11 of Fix It! 1 and 2.  The boys are still working through Stone Fox and Puddin'head Wilson.

Reading/Spelling: Alex completed lesson 5 of Phonetic Zoo.  Anthony and Christian completed lessons 46 and 47 of AAR Level 2 and Lily completed lessons 10 and 11 of AAR Level 1.

Horizon's Preschool: Didn't happen.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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