Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Grandview Co-op

Last month we started a series on the Caddo Indians at Grandview.  We learned about the types of toys they had and made corn husk dolls.  This month we learned about some of the tools that the Caddo Indians used and got to try a few of them out.

Rocks were a tool that was used for a variety of purposes.  We had an opportunity to use some rocks to grind corn so it could be used for food.

We also used a board to weave some strips of cloth.

And made a bow out of PVC pipe and string and some arrows with a pool noodle tip.  These were so cool and can shoot pretty well!

We also were able to take some clay home to make some pottery like the Caddo Indians would have used.  We will be making ours one day this week.

Another great co-op at Grandview!
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