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Our Family

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Farm Field Trip

This week we had an opportunity to take a field trip to a Family Farm in Malvern Arkansas with our homeschool group. It was a bit of a drive for us, but really anywhere we go is a bit of a drive!  The group price was $6 per person and there was no charge for adults or infants.

It was a really pretty place and had a nice set up.  For the $6 price they got to do all of the activities and take a pie sized pumpkin home.    I have to tell you it was very hot when we were there.  We had record breaking temperatures in Arkansas that day and it got up to 96 degrees! Each group's rotation started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance and there were places set up to take pictures.

The sun was right in Lily's face when I was taking them.  I meant to take more before we left, but was so ready to get in to the van and some air conditioning that I forgot!

At our first station they talked to the children about the early settlers and the first Thanksgiving.  There was a giant tepee that we got to sit in (I didn't get a photo of it) and she talked to them about how the Indians lived and all of the things that we have that they didn't.

Then we got to go to the petting zoo.  The children loved that!

After the petting zoo there was a train they could ride.  Most of the school groups they cater too are elementary aged kids, but when they saw we had older children the owner opened up the lodge which had some ping pong tables, pool table, and other games for them to do while the others were on the train.  I thought that was very nice!

After that we had lunch.  There were lots of picnic tables set up in the shade.  And just as a side note there were actual bathrooms, not port o potties like the last pumpkin patch we went to!  They also had water coolers set up beside the activities.

After lunch we went to the hay play.  And for the big kids they opened up the rock climb which is not normally open for school groups.  Alex made it all the way to the top!

Next we went to the big slide.  They all loved this activity too!!

Then there was a puppet show talking about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Next they got to choose their pumpkins.

And take a hay ride.

By then we had been there 3 1/2 hours and it was blazing hot.  There was one activity left that looked really fun called a carousel (but not with horses) but we decided to go ahead and head out.

On the way home I told the children we would stop at McDonalds for ice cream.  I pulled in and started ordering and wouldn't you know it the ice cream machine was down.  The last three times we have gone on a field trip and tried to get ice cream for McDonalds that has happened in 3 different towns.  That was the only one we had to pass on the way home, so we got slushies from Sonic instead.

It was a great day!

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