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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Schoolhouse Crew Review: CTC Math

CTCMath Review
Our latest review has been the 12 Month Family Plan from CTC Math.

CTC Math is online math curriculum with courses starting with kindergarten and going all the way up through upper level math courses such as Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus.  CTC Math can be used on a computer, but also works on tablets as well.  There are over 1400 different math lessons and over 57000 interactive questions. You have access to all levels of all grades and can move back and forth as needed.

Each lesson has a 4-9 minute animated tutorial taught by Australian math teacher Pat Murray.  The student starts by watching the step by step video.

Following each of the tutorials are interactive questions for the student to answer based on the lesson.

Immediate feedback is given to the student after answering each question they are given a green check mark for a correct answer or a red "x" for an incorrect answer.  The correct answer is shown if they got the answer incorrect. At the end of each lesson they are shown their percentage for that lesson, percentage for other lessons attempted on that topic, and the average.  They are also shown the questions that were in that lesson with the answers.

A bar graph shows their percentage for each lesson they have completed.  Students earn Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards as they complete the lessons.

Parents have a log in that allows them to see results at any time.  Weekly detailed reports are also emailed to the parent showing their daily activity and overall performance.

CTC Math has monthly, 6 month, or full year membership options for single students or the while family.  They offer a free trial for you to test out the program before committing.

I have been using CTC Math with my 8,9, and 11 year olds.  They have been completing one lesson per day 4 days per week.  One of the first things that I really liked about CTC Math is that you are not locked into a certain grade level.  You have the ability to choose where your child will start working and to move them around as needed.  There are diagnostic test that you can take if you need help trying to figure out where to begin or what needs to be worked on.  I decided to start the boys in the grade level they were supposed to be in (2,3, and 5th) and see how they did.  They watched the tutorial for the lesson and then answered the questions.  If they scored above an 80 on the lesson we would move on to the next section.  If they did not, we would continue answering questions in the section until they did.

The video tutorials do a great job explaining how to complete the lessons.  They use great visual animations that take what can be an abstract concept and make it make sense.  They are also short and to the point and there are numerous questions that the child can work on until they achieve mastery. The voice on the lesson is clear and easy to understand.  I was amazed at the number of topics and grades that are available.  You really can use CTC Math for the whole family.  For grades K-6 it can be your only curriculum, for the upper grades it is recommended that it be used as a supplement.

On a few of the lessons, we wished it showed a visual when they were working on the questions.  For instance when Christian was working on estimation, the tutorial used a number line.  But when he had to complete his lesson there was no number line for him to refer to.  So I drew a number line for him on a piece of paper.  It would have been helpful for him to have one on the screen.

I really like the feedback that is given and the parent progress reports.  It made it very easy to see how the boys were doing and what they needed to work on.  Also as a parent I am so glad that there is not any distractions in the program.  It is simply a math curriculum.

I am not usually a big fan of online math curriculum.  But, I was very impressed with CTC Math. Head on over to the Crew Blog to see what my Crew Mates had to say.

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