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Our Family

Friday, June 26, 2015

4 H Nature Walk and Talk Workshop

One of the really nice things about our little community is that we have a really nice park.  It is very well kept up and they have expanded and added in things that have been needed for the community. One of the newest additions was a 1/2 mile nature trail and pavilion.  The trail is paved and there are signs throughout talking about the different habitats and what types of wildlife and plants are found there.

Yesterday, 4 H had a Nature Walk and Talk Workshop at the new nature trail.  I was so glad it was early in the morning and that the trail is mostly shaded because it was VERY hot yesterday!

Each of the children were given notebooks to use as a nature journal and a pencil.  At each of the stops along the trail, one of the teen leaders talked about the habitat and the different wildlife that was found there.  The children had an opportunity to sketch some of the things they saw.

We did not see very much wildlife.  We saw a few birds, some butterflies, spiders, and other insects.  We did not even see a squirrel or a rabbit!  But it was very hot and we were not especially quiet.  The children thought it was great just to see a rabbit burrow and the different plants, trees, and insects.

This little girl wanted me to carry her the last part of the trail, but I told her she was too heavy and I was too hot and we were very close to the end.  Big brother Nick came to her rescue though and carried her the rest of the way.

When we got back to the pavilion (after everyone got a drink!) we talked about another habitat, soil, and the different layers it has.  Then they made a snack to help them remember the different layers of soil.  We have made dirt cake snacks before but this one was a little different.  It used cereal for the bedrock, pudding for the subsoil, and whipped cream for the topsoil.  Of course they had some worms in it and then sprinkles on top for wildflowers.

We had a great time at the workshop!
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