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Our Family

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Our Week in Review

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Since we are technically on a bit of a summer break, I will not be counting down our school weeks again until August. But, living and learning still are going on so instead I thought for the summer I would give the highlight of what we have been up to during the week.

We still have archery on Mondays.  In an attempt to beat the heat, we have moved it to the morning. Art had to go out of town again, so shortly after he headed out to the airport, we headed off to archery.  I got a message that some of our friends wouldn't be able to make it to archery but invited us to come over after.  We stopped at Walmart to grab some juice and side items to share for lunch.  I had to use my debit card because I had very little cash.  I only bought a few things because I had planned on going to Walmart that evening and didn't want all of my stuff sitting at my friend's house all day.  We had a great visit. The children all played well and the moms had a chance to talk :)  After that we headed back to Walmart to grab the rest of what we needed.  My bank decided that two trips to Walmart in one day indicated fraud and had my card declined at the register.  Thankfully I had another form of payment and after a lengthy hold and a lot of questions on the phone later that evening they unlocked my debit card again.  We had a quick meeting for Alex for 4 H camp and headed home.

Tuesday Alex had district competition for 4 H.  He gave an entomology talk on honeybees and won first place.  He also got his trophy for his Utilizing Science and Technology Record Book.  Nick does not like to compete at the District Competition but he did get his trophy for his Poultry and Rabbits Record Book.

Anthony entered two photos in the Ross Photography Contest.  The eggplant photo won at county but did not win at state.  I think he did a great job!

Wednesday Alex headed off for 4 H camp.  He has been looking forward to it since he came home last year.  He came back home yesterday and had a wonderful time despite all the rain we had.  My children had been thinking we needed to start gathering up animals two by two ;)  We did loose some pool floaties and some of our tomato plants were knocked over.

We did do some other fun things this week.  The girls and I made some strawberry freezer jam.  We are going to do some peach today.

Some of the tadpoles that the children caught in the mud puddle have turned to frogs.  The children were excited about that especially since the tadpoles that I bought never did!

A few weeks ago I saw an article on Facebook showing homemade edible LEGOs that you can actually build things with. I found some inexpensive molds on Amazon and made the children some LEGO gummies.  They loved them!

We have a hanging basket on our front porch that Art bought for me.  A bird decided to build a nest in it.  We discovered there were some baby birds in it when we found a dead one on the porch that had fallen out of the nest.  Wednesday the children were so excited that the two baby birds were trying to fly.  One fell pretty far down and they thought it had a broken wing.  Alex out on some gloves and put it back in the nest but it didn't seem to be doing well.  The other was fine.  Later that night the hurt bird was back out of the nest and hopping around.  He was cheeping at the children and they were cheeping back.  They even got a worm out of their worm condo to see if he wanted to eat it.  The next morning he was gone.

We did some school this week.  Lily worked on the "Q" unit in My Father's World.  Christian, Anthony, and I started working on an exciting study from Home School in the Woods called Passport to Ancient Egypt (upcoming review.) They also completed  lesson 23  in All About Reading Level 2. Nick did some work in his Cursive Logic book (upcoming review.)

My husband finally made it home early Friday morning.  His afternoon flight was overbooked.  So he ended up flying into Memphis instead of Little Rock and driving from there.  He had a VERY long day!  I was just thankful he made it home safe.

Happy Homeschooling!

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