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Our Family

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 32

I honestly don't even know where last week went.  It has just been a crazy couple of weeks (some good, some not so good.)  I didn't even realize I hadn't posted anything since Tuesday until I got ready to write this post.  Our school year is still going strong.  We have finished up a few things things this week and started a few others.  Our summer will be mostly "review school" using review products and working on some subjects that really need to be worked on all year long like math and reading.

Bible: We finished lessons 3 and 4 in our study of Moses from Real Life Press.  We also started reading a missionary story on Jim Elliot.

History: We completed Lesson One of Famous Men of Rome from Memoria Press.

Science: We worked on week 4 of our Weather on the Move study and finished reading Swiss Family Robinson.  We also watched some weather science experiments from our Go Science DVDs and made some terrariums.

Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and we set them free.

Art/Music: We did Lesson 5 in  ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book 3.  Alex is working on his first lesson of Drums With Willie.

Anthony's artwork drawing a nature scene in different seasons

Grammar/Literature/Writing: Christian, Anthony, and I are still plugging through The Wheel on the School.  Nick and Alex finished up Fix It! Grammar The Nose Tree.  The did not have a writing assignment this week.  I started watching the new TWSS from IEW and will start SWI A with Alex and Anthony this week.  Nick and Alex will move on to Fix it! Book 2 Robin Hood and Anthony and Christian will start Book One.

Spelling/Reading: Christian and Anthony finished Lessons 17 and 18 of AAR.

Math: All of the boys completed their Math U See books!

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

This week we did the unit on Jewels.  Lily completed all of the MFW worksheets:drawing page, handwriting page, sound recognition, math page, picture card page, blend ladder page, and jewel badge.  We read lots of information about jewels and looked at some close up. For our hands on activity we made a sun catcher and glued on colored jewels.

the girls were quite busy one afternoon playing with these ladybugs they found

Other Activities This Week:

Monday we were supposed to have archery and soccer, but soccer ended up cancelled and we had some other issues at the house and stayed home from archery that day.

Tuesday Miss Lillian had gymnastics and we ran a few errands.  Soccer was cancelled.

Wednesday was a stay at home day!

Thursday we went to archery, spent some time visiting with some friends, and had 2 soccer games.

our friends had 7 baby possums they had rescued when the mama was killed

Friday we did grocery shopping, played at the park with friends, and had a soccer game.

Saturday we spent at the house cleaning inside and out and started painting the girls room.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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