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Our Family

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 35

In case you are wondering how long our school year lasts, we usually wrap up the regular school year at the end of May, and then work only on reading, math, and any product reviews I need to do in the summer.  But, I started Lily on My Father's World a little later than everyone else and we still have a few weeks left to go on that.  Plus we have several reviews we are still working on, so we will be counting down our homeschool year for a few weeks more!

Week 35 in Our Homeschool

Bible: We finished Lesson 7 of our Moses study from Real Life Press.  This week we discussed the 10 commandments.  One of the things I like the most about this study is that has real life applications not just studying Scripture and answering questions about it.  Many topics that we have covered in this study we have been able to relate to recent things that have gone on in our family.  We also are continuing reading One Great Purpose and will finish that up next week.

History: In history we completed Lesson 6 in Famous Men of Rome from Memoria Press.

Science: We are still working on our Weather on the Move study.  This week we learned about clouds.  Our read aloud is still The Long Winter.  There is one week left in this study and it is on severe weather.  We are supposed to be reading The Wizard of Oz, but since we are not even half way through The Long Winter, we are just going to watch the movie on movie night.

We also watched some documentaries on Animal Babies from Smart Kidz Media. (upcoming review)

And our Praying Mantises hatched.  The egg case has been sitting in the habitat for several weeks.  The instructions said it could take 4-10 weeks to hatch.  I had checked it at lunchtime and nothing was hatching.  At supper time Alex discovered that not only had they hatched, but several had escaped from the habitat and were all over my living room wall, mantle, and picture frames!  We took the habitat outside and discovered a hole in the bottom of it that seems to be a factory defect.  We left the habitat outside,and took care of all the insects inside.  The next day we set all but 4 of the mantises free.  We were going to try and watch them grow if they didn't escape from the habitat but either the dog or the cats got hold of it and destroyed it.  Probably my worst hands on science project ever!  I sent an email to the company about the defective habitat and still have not heard back.

Art/Music: Alex is working on lesson 4 of Drums With Willie.

Grammar/Literature/Writing: We completed Lesson 3 of Fix it Grammar 1 and 2.  Anthony wrote his paragraph on Desert Tarantulas for SWI A.  Nick is still working through the Intro lessons of Dynamic Literacy.  Christian, Anthony, and I have one more chapter of The Wheel on the School to finish up!

Reading/Spelling: Christian and Anthony finished up Lesson 20 of All About Reading Level 2.  Alex completed step 4 of AAS Level 5.

Math: Christian, Anthony, and Alex are all using CTC Math.  They are working on one lesson per day for their grade level.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z:

This week we complete the unit on Frogs.  The theme of our Bible lesson was "I use my tongue wisely."  Lily completed all of the assigned worksheets for the unit and we read some books about frogs and their life cycles.  She also did a life cycle of a frog craft, and they caught some tadpoles out of the mud puddle.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday: We had a homeschool picnic to celebrate spring and/or the end of the school year.  It was supposed to be at the City Park but because of tornado clean up and issues still in town it was moved to a friend's house.  Not many people were able to attend but those that did had a great time!!

On the way home we had a field trip to a green house and got our plants for our garden.

Tuesday: Stay home day!

Wednesday: Emmie, Lily, and I went grocery shopping and ran some errands.

Thursday: We had archery practice.  Lily shot a bow!  But she says she doesn't want to do it again.  After that we had a 4 H meeting.

Friday: We did some house cleaning on Friday, then had pizza and a movie Friday night.

Saturday: We got the garden planted!  Once we were finished I went to Sonic and got milkshakes for all the hard workers.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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