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Our Family

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 33

We had a busy week this week!  Nick, Alex, and Christian finished up their spring soccer seasons and Lily finished up with gymnastics.  We HAD a field trip planned to the zoo on Wednesday but a last minute sickly child kept up home.  We also had archery, a 4 H activity, and a fishing derby.  We got a little bit of school work completed too.

Week 33 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We have read through chapter 9 in One Great Purpose and finished Lesson 6 of our study of Moses from Real Life Press.

History:  We finished Lessons 2 and 3 of Famous Men of Rome.

Science: We started reading aloud from The Long Winter and worked on week 5 of Weather on the Move.

Art/Music: Alex worked on lessons 2 and 3 of Drums with Willie.

Grammar/Literature/Writing: Christian and Anthony did Lesson One of the Nose Tree (book one Fix It! Grammar) and Nick and Alex did Lesson One of Robin Hood (book two of Fix It! Grammar.)  Anthony and Alex watched the first lesson of SWI A.  Anthony wrote a key word outline and a rough draft of a paper on sea snakes.  Nick started the introductory lessons of Dynamic Literacy.  Christian and Anthony and I are still reading through The Wheel on the School.

Spelling/Reading: Christian and Anthony finished lesson 19 in All About Reading.  Alex completed step 3 of AAS Lesson 5.

Math: No math this week!

My Father's World Creation From A to Z:

Lily started the unit on butterflies.  We only managed to get in day one and day two so far and will finish up the rest of the unit this week.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday- Nick and Alex had their soccer tournament game Monday night.  It was their last game of the season.

Tuesday- Lily had her last gymnastics class for this school year.

Wednesday- We were supposed to go to the zoo to meet some friends.  But, literally as we were walking out the door, Christian threw up!  I thought it was just because of all the nasal drainage he was having upsetting his stomach but rather to be safe then sorry we stayed home.  The children were very disappointed (and I was too!)  Christian felt just fine by the afternoon thankfully and I promised them I would take them to the zoo on the next nice day.  We did take the day off school.

Thursday- Thursday we had archery. 

Right after that we had 4 H B Day.

Then we went out to eat.  After that Christian had his soccer tournament game and it was his last game of the season.

Friday- Grocery day.  I also started cleaning toys out the playroom.  What a job!  I think the toys were multiplying because just when I thought I was getting close to finishing I found more toys!

Saturday-We went to Grandview for a fishing derby.  There were several storms the night before but it cleared up just before the derby started.  We did not catch a thing!  The children each got a nice door prize though.

I hope you all had a great week in your homeschool and a great Mother's Day!

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