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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Schoolhouse Review Crew: WordsBright

Smiling Sunrise Review
We have opportunities to review many different types of products.  But it is not very often that we get products for my youngest, who loves to get mail and be included in some school work of her own. Recently we had a review just for her, S is For Smiling Sunrise from WordsBright.
Smiling Sunrise Review
S is For Smiling Sunrise is a hardcover book that would be enjoyed by preschoolers, kindergartners, and early readers.  Each page in the book features a different letter of alphabet.  Both the upper and lower case version of the letters are shown on the page along with an illustration and a rhyme for that letter.  The book was designed with 4 different goals:

To teach and reinforce the alphabet to young learners.

To increase vocabulary and comprehension and music skills through illustrations and sing along text.

To support character development through a use of positive words and concepts that focus on the values of goodness, beauty, and wonder.

To be enjoyed by children and the adults that are reading with them.

The book also includes a free mp3 sound track of the rhyme for you to download and enjoy.  The song is sung to the tune of the ABC song. The first song is sung to the tune of the letters A to P, the second to the tune of Q to Z, and then the pattern repeats.  

A teacher's guide is also available to go along with the book.  In it the first think you will find is  pre or post reading questions about goodness beauty, and wonder.  Then for each letter of the alphabet you will find a concepts section, questions to ask, vocabulary words, and activities.  Most of the activity suggestions are very simple and do not require a lot of preparation or special supplies.  Some examples include: view and identify different types of flowers, identify day verses night in a variety of pictures, identify and examine different colors, do a coloring activity, use beads and string to make a necklace, look at the moon with binoculars or a telescope, draw and paint a night scene with the moon, and more.

S is For Smiling Sunrise can be purchased as either a hardcover book or an ebook.  The price will vary depending on where it is purchased.  The retail price is $16.95 for the hardcover book and $5.99 for the ebook.  You can find more purchasing information here.

I read S is For Smiling Sunrise with my 4 and 6 year olds and we listened to the song as well.  I actually think they preferred listening to the song rather than just having me read it.  They enjoyed the pictures and the rhymes that went along with them.  Lily was inspired to do some artwork after reading the book for the first time.  

I thought the illustrations were very well done. I especially enjoyed the nature scenes.  I was glad to see that the book was hardcover as that makes it much sturdier for little ones to carry around.  The teaching guide had several great suggestions to do more of a study of each letter and concept.  The questions are very informal and laid back and will create interesting discussions with your little ones. We really enjoyed reading, listening to, and discussing S is For Smiling Sunrise.  

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Wordsbright Review
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