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Our Family

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 31

We have finished up a few more things this week, but our school year will still continue on.  We have several new items we will be reviewing, plus a few other opportunities I hoping for.  W actually do some school all year although our summer activities are more relaxed and we take time off for thinks like VBS and 4 H activities and camp.

Week 31 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We finished lesson 2 and started lesson 3 in our study of Moses from Real Life Press.

History: We finished lessons 82-84 in Mystery of History Volume III.  This was the end of the book! We did the timeline figures and memory cards and went over the questions on the test.  I loved the end of this book, and cannot wait to start Mystery of History Vol IV in August!!

Here is our timeline for Vol II and Vol III (Volume I is on a different board.)  We use the figures from Home School In the Woods.  They are fantastic!

Science: We are continuing with our study of Weather on the Move.  We are reading Swiss Family Robinson and some different books from the library on weather.  We also did a few experiments including making a barometer and a weather vane.

Our caterpillars made their chrysalis and we moved them from the cup to the habitat.

Art/Music: We made flying creature sculptures from ARTistic Pursuits.  Alex also started on a new review called Drums With Willie, drum lessons available via online streaming.

Grammar/Literature/Writing: Nick and Alex finished lessons 29-30 in Fix it! Grammar.  We are not going to do the last few lessons of Medieval Writing.  Instead we will be continuing with Fix it! and I will be reviewing the new TWSS from IEW and working on SWI A with Alex and Anthony. Nick will be getting a different review product to work on soon called WordBuild: Elements Level One.  Christian, Anthony and I are still reading The Wheel on the School and they work daily in their copybooks.

Reading/Spelling: Christian and Anthony finished lesson 16 of AAR Level 2.  Alex completed steps one and two in AAS Level 5.

Math: Nick finished Math U See Pre-Algebra!  I offered to let him go ahead and start Algebra 1 since I already have it on the shelf, but he said he is good to wait until fall :)  Alex finished lesson 27 of Delta and Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 28 of Beta and Gamma.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

Lily completed the unit on Rocks.  In addition to the usual worksheets in MFW (picture page, handwriting page, sound discrimination page, blend ladder page, drawing page,and  badge) she has a story page for each unit and her math pages have started simple addition.  We also did some rock collecting and organizing and a sick/float experiment.  Her favorite part of this unit was to form a volcano out of clay and make it erupt!

Other Activities This Week:

Monday: Monday we had archery and soccer.  In between we played at the playground.

Tuesday- We had gymnastics and soccer.  In between I went back home rather than hang around in town and feed the children in the van or at the park again.

Wednesday-Stay home day!  We did a lot of cleaning out of the boys and girls closets.

Thursday- We had a 4 H meeting and soccer.  After the meeting I ran through McDonalds for the children and they ate their supper while I went into Walmart for a few groceries so we would not have to go shopping on Friday since it would save me the gas by not needing to drive to town again plus it was supposed to be raining.  It was chilly that day and I was cold sitting on the soccer field until after 8!

Friday- Stay home day!  We moved furniture and scrubbed walls in the boys room so we could paint on Saturday.  The room was put back together by Sunday but the rest of the house is still a wreck! Hoping to get the girls room painted by this week.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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