Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Grandview Program and Art Co-op

I have taken some measures from my end to help prevent the thief from thieving my photos. It makes it harder for me to post pictures and share posts, but  here's hoping it worked!

This month for our hands on science day at Grandview, we learned about opossums.  While learning some facts about opossums, we did four different activities.

We learned that a mother opossum is able to feed 13 babies and that the babies are the size of a kidney bean.

We made a pouch to wear and filled it with baby opossums.

We colored a mother opossum.

And made a baby that was around 2 months old and ready to crawl out of pouch and onto mama's back.

It was a beautiful day and we were able to take our lunch break outside.  The children had an opportunity to run around and play too before we headed back in to art class.

Each month we feature a different artist. Our artist for this month was Edgar Degas.

We had a slide show of some of his works and learned some facts about his life.

Then we make an art project similar to what the artist would have done.  I have tried to give the children a variety of projects using different mediums.  So far this year we have used acrylic paint, water colors, made a mixed media collage, a mobile, a cut paper collage, and made a fresco plaque. This month we worked with chalk pastels and it was the first time some of the children had ever used them.  They came up with some creative art work!

Happy Homeschooling!
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