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Our Family

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 28

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No photos this week.  Some of you might remember that last fall a specific website was using some of my photos without my permission.  That post was removed and I thought the problem was solved.  But recently I discovered more pictures on the same site.  After further investigation it seems that all of my pictures are ending on that website.  Every time I put up a new post, the photos show up there. Reporting them to their web hosts has been unsuccessful because they keep switching hosts.  So I am working on trying to find a way to get this stopped.  So this week at least will not have pictures which makes me both sad and mad!  This blog is my personal property. I enjoy writing it and keeping a record of my homeschool journey and I hate that someone is trying to spoil that for me.

But anyway on to the weekly wrap up!

Week 28 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We finished Missionary Stories with the Millers and have continued to read through the book of Proverbs.  We will begin a review of The Book of Moses part 2 from Real Life Press starting next week.

History: We finished lessons 73-75 on The Scottish Covenanters, K'ang-shi the Manchu and the Ching Dynasty, and Sir Isaac Newton.  We did the corresponding time line figures and memory cards.

Science: We skipped science this week.  I had thought we would go ahead and start Apologia Exploring Creation Through Anatomy and Physiology which I had planned to use next year, but we were given an opportunity to review a unit study called Weather on the Move from Homeschool Legacy.  I did not get it until Thursday morning so we will be diving into that next week.

Art: We did another assignment in our ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book 3 book.  I am not going in order of the lessons in the book because I want to show a variety of things the book covers in my review.  So we skipped ahead a bit and did lesson 11 and used oil pastels to create our artwork.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex finished Lesson 26 in Fix it! Grammar and Lesson 22 in IEW Medieval Writing.  I have combined Anthony and Christian on literature and we are reading The Wheel on the School and answering the comprehension questions aloud.  Anthony and I are still working on practicing for his upcoming Iowa test.

Spelling/Reading: Anthony and Christian finished Lesson 13 of AAR Level 2.  I had planned on Alex starting Level 5 of All About Spelling, but when I get strapped for time it seems like that is the first thing that goes and we did not get to it.  He did work on The Orphs of the Woodlands 3 days this week.

Math: Nick finished Lesson 28 of Math U See Pre-Algebra.  Anthony and Christian finished lesson 26 of Beta and Gamma and Alex finished Lesson 25 of Delta.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

This week we started and completed Unit 16: Penguin.  The Bible lesson focused on the phrase "I show love to everyone especially my family."  Lily did a picture card page, handwriting page, sound discrimination page, math page, cut and paste page, blend ladder page, and drawing page.  She also had a story page she could read!  We read books with facts about penguins, made icebergs, and a penguin badge.  We did a little geography with a globe talking about the equator, north pole, and south pole.  We also read the book Tacky the Penguin.

Lily is also working on a review of Memoria Press's First Start Reading.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday Christian still was not feeling 100%.  So we did not go to archery and he missed his first soccer game of the season.  Art was still home sick from work.  I did take Nick and Alex to their soccer practice.

Tuesday Lily had gymnastics.  The girls and I dropped by the library while we were in town.  We headed home to make and eat supper and head back to town for Nick and Alex's soccer game but Emelia started complaining that she had a stomachache! So I stayed home with Emmie, Lily, Christian, and Anthony and Art came and got the older boys and took them to their game.

Wednesday was Christian's birthday.  My baby boy turned 8!  I made him a creeper cake and cooked his birthday supper.  He requested cheese ravioli so I made that with some homemade bread and a salad.  He is such a sweet boy and so easy to please!  He had a great birthday!

Thursday we headed off to archery.  After archery we went to Walmart to grab something for supper and then went and ate at the park.  Christian had a soccer game at 6.  After his game I headed home with the 4 youngest and Art stayed for Nick and Alex's practice.

Friday we had to go back to Walmart to have tires put on the van and do some grocery shopping.  After that we relaxed at home and took care of some chores.  That night was the 4 H achievement banquet.  Chelsea, Nick, Alex, Christian, Lily, and I went to that and Art stayed home with Anthony and Emmie.  Christian and Lily both got Cloverbud award certificates and Nick and Alex both won journal awards (Nick's was for Poultry/Rabbits and Alex for Utilizing Science and Technology)and also gem awards for 4 H participation.  They received a certificate, a 4 H snuggie, and will get trophies at the district competition in June.  Chelsea gave two speeches about the two national 4 H trips she attended last year.

Saturday we headed over to the lake for some fishing.  The children have been asking and asking when we would be able to go.  Nobody caught anything, but we had fun and played on the playground for awhile before heading home.  They are eager to go fishing again soon!

Happy Homeschooling!

*links to All About Learning Press and Apologia are my affiliate links.  I only form affiliate relationships with companies whose products I actually use and can recommend!!
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