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Our Family

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 29

This time of year, many homeschool moms start feeling pressured.  They feel like the end of the year is coming up fast and they are not where they need to be.  Or, outside activities may stop them from getting their book work completed like they thought.  Sometimes spring fever sets in and you desire to spend time outdoors, but the school books are calling you.  Don't let the pressure to finish strong on a predetermined date steal your joy!  You don't have to finish every book to finish well.  A successful homeschool year is not measured in the amount of work that is completed!

We actually had several outside activities this week and only had two full school days, Monday and Tuesday, but we sure learned a lot!

Week 29 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We started a new study from Real Life Press called The Book of Moses Part 2.  We finished Days 1 and 2 of Lesson 1.

History: We read lessons 76-78 in Mystery of History Vol III on John Milton and John Bunyan, William Penn and the Founding of Pennsylvania, and The Atlantic Slave Trade.  We will do the timeline and memory cards with the ones from next week :)

Science: We started a unit study from Homeschool Legacy called Weather on the Move.  We worked on the first lesson of it.  To go along with the study, we also started reading aloud The Swiss Family Robinson.  I have read it aloud before but it has been a few years and my younger children do not remember reading it before.

Art: We worked on a lesson in ARTistic Pursuits on Edgar Degas and made some clay sculptures.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex finished Lesson 27 of Fix It! Grammar and started Lesson 23 in IEW Medieval Writing.  This will probable be the last lesson we complete in that book because we are getting a new review from IEW!  Christian and Anthony and I read 2 more chapters in The Wheel on the School and answered the comprehension questions.  I also forgot to mention that after spring break I started having them do some handwriting practice since I do not think they do enough handwriting.  I bought some copybooks called Pentime they are working in everyday.

Spelling/Reading-Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 14 of AAR Level 2.

Math-They only had 2 days of Math so they started a new lesson but didn't finish it.  Nick started Lesson 29, Christian and Anthony started Lesson 27 of their books and Alex started Lesson 26 of Delta.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

Lily started and finished Unit 17: Kangaroo.  We read about some fascinating facts about kangaroos, watched a kangaroo video, and read a book about kangaroos.  She did worksheets including a picture card page, handwriting page, sound discrimination page, math page, cut and paste page, and blend ladder page.  We read the book Katy No Pocket.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday archery was cancelled. Christian did have a soccer game at 7 that didn't get started until about 7:30.  They played great and won in a shoot out.

Tuesday Lily had gymnastics and Emmie and I ran a few errands while she was there.  We headed back home and made and ate supper and then headed back to town for Nick and Alex's 7:00 soccer game.  They played great and won in a shoot out.  Nick was playing goalie and ended up with a minor hand injury but he saved the goal so for him that was worth it.

Wednesday we had our science and art co-op at Grandview.

Thursday we had a field trip to Mid America Science Museum.  They had been closed for 6 months to do renovations and recently reopened.  The changes were not at all what I expected, but we all had a really good time!

Friday we did our grocery shopping and Friday night Nick and Alex had a soccer practice.

Saturday we went to a fishing derby at Grandview.

Sunday after church Christian and Anthony's Sunday School class had a pizza party, so I grabbed some Pizza Hut for the rest of the children and we headed back to church to eat and wait on the party to be over.  The rest of my day will be spent working on my blog, cleaning, and getting ready for school next week.

Happy Homeschooling!
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