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Our Family

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 30

This week we lost a day in our homeschool because of standardized tests.  In Arkansas we are required to take the math and reading portion of the Iowa Test in grades 3-9.  The test only takes 2 hours, but we never do school on testing day.  By the time we get there and back everyone (including me!) is done for the day.  I had 3 children who were required to test this year.  The really good news is that this is our last year to test since Arkansas just voted to do away with this test requirement for homeschoolers.

Week 30 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We finished Lesson One and started Lesson Two in our Book of Moses Part 2 study fro Real Life Press.  We also watched a DVD called Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story.

History: We read lessons 79-81 in Mystery of History Vol III on William and Mary and the Glorious Revolution, John Locke, and the Salem Witch Trials.  We did memory cards and time line figures for last week and this week so we are all caught up now.

Science: We are reading aloud the Swiss Family Robinson and worked on Week 2 of our Weather on the Move study.  We also did the first experiment in our Physics Quest Kit.  Physics Quest since out free science kits for middle school students who sign up every year.  You complete experiments that go along with a comic book adventure.  Even though its middle school age all of my boys participated.

Art-As much as I wanted to we didn't get to it this week.

Grammar/Writing/Literature-Nick and Alex finished Lesson 28 of Fix it! Grammar and continued working on Lesson 24 in IEW Medieval Writing.  I read two more chapters of The Wheel on the School to Christian and Anthony and they worked every day in their copy books.

Reading/Spelling-Anthony and Christian started Lesson 15 of AAR Level 2.

Math- Everyone finished the lessons we started last week.  Nick finished Lesson 29 of Pre-Algebra, Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 27 of their books and Alex finished Lesson 26 of Delta.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

Lily and I made the ABC Snack for letter K on Monday afternoon, Kettle Corn and Kisses.  This was not my most favorite of the ABC Snacks.  The girls really couldn't do anything besides measure the popcorn and my lid came off my pan when I was shaking the popcorn up and I burned my arm (just a little burn.)  It did taste really yummy though.

Lily started and finished Letter "Z" for Zebra.  We learned about zebras and Africa.  Her worksheets included picture card page, sound discrimination page, handwriting page, cut and paste page, math page, and drawing page.  She also made a zebra badge, made a map of Africa, and had a story page.

Our caterpillars and praying mantis egg case arrived this week.

Other Activities For This Week:

Monday: Iowa tests in morning.  Archery and soccer were rained out.

Tuesday- Lily had gymnastics and Nick and Alex had a soccer game.  5 Minutes before the game was supposed to start it started thundering and lightning and pouring like crazy.  Game cancelled.

Wednesday- Stay home day!

Thursday- We had archery, went out to eat with daddy, played on the playground for an hour and then Christian, Nick, and Alex had soccer games.

Friday- We got to play at the park with some friends.  It has been a very long time since we were able to do that.  Then we had to do our grocery shopping at Walmart.

Saturday- We headed to Texarkana for the day. We did some shopping and saw a movie.

Sunday- Church today and a major clean out of closets started.  We are going to be doing some painting and rearranging upstairs and it is a good time to get of some things we no longer need.  We will see how much we can get accomplished because this week will be another busy one.

Happy Homeschooling!
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