Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Break Week 3

Monday the children were scheduled to get their teeth cleaned.  We drive an hour and twenty minutes one way to see our dentist, but they are fantastic!  All seven children were finished within 30 minutes and thankfully all were cavity free!  Usually when we drive down to the dentist I take them to Chuck E Cheese or bowling, but with it being Christmas break, there was no way I was going to attempt either of those two things because  I knew it would be crazy.  Plus we were supposed to have archery club that afternoon but it ended up being cancelled.  We did grab lunch and did some shopping.  The children had some money they wanted to spend at Target and Chelsea had a Kohls gift card.  As we were leaving Kohls, Anthony had to use the rest room which of course is in the far back corner of the store.  Chelsea took the rest of the children to the van while I took him back to the rest room.  When she got to the van she noticed her wallet was missing but remembered that she had left it in the buggy.  She called my phone and asked for permission to leave the children locked in the van with Nick while she ran in to get it.  I told her to go ahead and we would be out there in a minute.  It hadn't even been 5 minutes since they had walked out but when she got back the buggy was gone.  She went to customer service and they announced it over the loud speaker while she walked around the store peeking into people's buggies.  Luckily she found it!  What a relief!  On the way home we grabbed some McFlurries for the children to snack on.

Tuesday morning Emelia was crankier then normal.  She was still taking medicine for her ear infection but she had been feeling better.  Right after she ate lunch she started vomiting.  She had never had a stomach bug before and I was sure that that must be what it was.  But, she only got sick that one time and  we spent the afternoon snuggling and watching movies and she was much better by the evening.

Wednesday we took down the Christmas decorations.  Christian, Emmie, Lily and I did inside and Nick, Alex, and Anthony did outside.  It sure is more fun putting them up then taking them down. We had finger foods for New Year's Eve and watched movies, but we were asleep well before midnight.

Thursday the weather was nasty and we spent a quiet day at home.  We did play some board games, starting the day off with some Disney Princess Candy Land.  We had a turkey dinner for New Year's.

Friday Art took me on a date.  We did our grocery shopping and went out to lunch.  In the afternoon the girls and I did a fun Snowman Craft.

Saturday was house cleaning day.  The boys discovered Minecraft.  I am going to have to watch them with that because it is very easy to get sucked in.

We will be back to school on Monday!  I don't know if I am ready.  Even with a 3 week break it seemed to go by too fast!

Happy Homeschooling!
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