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Our Family

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 17

This was our first week back to school after a 3 week break.  Our break went by entirely too fast, but sometimes it is so nice to get back to a regular routine.  We jumped right back to to our usual routine Monday morning and got a lot accomplished that day.  Then the children got a reprieve on Tuesday morning because I had a dentist appointment, but I did have them do their afternoon work. Wednesday and Thursday we were back on track again.

Week 17 In Our Homeschool


We started back with Bible Study Guide For All Ages this week.  This curriculum has every age studying the same Bible lessons but the questions and activities get more challenging in the older levels.  It does not go through the Bible in order so it covers both Old and New Testaments in each pack.  We had reviewed this program last year and then purchased more but took a break with it to use Apologia's What On Earth Can I Do?  I was very impressed that my younger children remembered almost all of the time line cards.  As soon as they master the last few we will work on memorizing the books of the Bible.  This week we completed Lessons 79, 80, and 81.

History: We completed the last 3 lessons in the first semester of Mystery of History Vol III.  Lessons 40, 41 and 42 were on Mary Queen of Scots, Jeanne d'Albret, and the St. Bartholomew Day Massacre.  We completed the time line figures and memory cards and also did the Semester II test together.

Science: Since we missed Tuesday morning, we only had one day of Science this week.  We started reading through Chapter 10 in Apologia Exploring Creation Through Chemistry and Physics on Light.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex started Lesson 12 of IEW Medieval Writing and Lesson 15 of Fix It! Grammar.  Christian read Ferdinand the Bull in Lightning Lit and wrote a paper about his favorite thing to do which was building LEGOS of course.  Anthony's Lightning Lit lesson was on Poetry this week.  He did not like it as well as some of the books we have read.  He wrote about his favorite poem we read this week called The Snowflake.

Spelling/Reading: Alex finished lesson 23 of AAS and Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 3 of Level 2 of All About Reading.  I can honestly say that I am already seeing an improvement in their fluency since we started AAR Level 2!

Math: Anthony and Christian finished Lesson 16 of their Math u See levels and Nick and Alex finished Lesson 17 of their Math U See levels.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

This week we did the letter "o" and the theme was oceans and octopus.  Our Bible lesson theme was "Even the Octopus Praises the Lord."  Some of the activities Lily did this week included reading books on octopus and ocean, looking at pictures of octopus, making a hand print octopus, making an ocean picture, making an octopus badge, and an octopus hot dog for lunch (which by the way impressed both Lily and Emmie.)  I found a cute  no sew fleece Octopus craft on Pinterest and we had fun making those.  Lily also completed handwriting and math worksheets and added "o" pictures to her letter picture box.  We also worked on blending letters with the letter o.  Her reading is coming along nicely!

We ordered our ants for our ant farm and they arrived this week.  We have had an ant farm before nut it still is cool watching them make their tunnels.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday we had Archery Club.  It was supposed to be a bit chilly so we dressed for the occasion with multiple clothing layers and hats and gloves, but thankfully it was warmer than I thought it would be!

Tuesday was gymnastics.  It was also my birthday and my sweet girls made me a very nice birthday cake while I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned.

Wednesday and Thursday was very cold!  I thankfully did not have to leave the house, although the children did bundle up to play outside several times each day.

Friday we did have to venture out to go grocery shopping.  Very sad to find out that the Brookshires grocery store in our town is closing down.  That will leave only Walmart and Dollar General for us to shop at.

Saturday was another cold and yucky day.  I really try to spend Saturdays at home as much as possible anyway.  We did some baking, played some board games, and worked on 4 H Record Books.  They were calling for the possibility of freezing rain and ice Saturday night into Sunday morning, so we weren't sure if we would be able to attend church or not, but thankfully it did not get as cold as it could have so it didn't freeze and we were able to go this morning.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

Happy Homeschooling!

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