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Our Family

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cute Winter Snowman Craft

We had several rainy, yucky days in a row.  I got this project from this cute idea on Pinterest and knew it would b perfect for a rainy Friday afternoon to give the girls (5 and 3) something fun to do.  

We Used

Shaving Cream
Elmer's Glue
Peppermint Extract
Construction Paper
Googly eyes
Disposable Container to mix it in

What We Did

First we mixed equal amounts of shaving cream and glue in a disposable container.  Then we added a few drops of peppermint extract to make it smell minty and a liberal amount of silver glitter.

We drew the snow men on the paper first.  If I had planned well, I would've had the buttons, hat, and faces cut out first, as it would've been much easier then trying to help the girls get them drawn and cut out as we went along, but we managed.

They used their fingers some, and also used a paint brush.  Emmie really liked using her fingers, Lily preferred the paint brush.

After we got the paint where we wanted, we drew and cut out the hat, carrot, nose, bottons, and coal mouth.  We had some googly eyes that we used for eyes.  The hat we glued on.  The rest we just stuck into the paint.  We added some snow and snow flakes for the background as well.  The girls wanted more glitter, so they shook some more on top (yes they got glitter everywhere, but luckily we have tile floors that can be easily swept.)

Emmie decided to do a blizzard instead of a snowman

Lily's snowman

They wanted to do some pictures with color too.  So I grabbed the food coloring and we added some colors to a shaving cream/glue combo.  Had a great time experimenting with mixing colors too :)

It kept them busy for well over an hour, and only cost .97 for the shaving cream since I had everything else on hand.

Happy Homeschooling!
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