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Our Family

Friday, October 25, 2013

Homeschool Art Class Week 8

This was our last week talking about Matisse.  The children did 3 different projects today.  First they did a collage with streamers and tissue paper.  After they got their paper glued down, they painted in their empty spaces.

Somehow I did not get any pictures of their next project, but they did a drawing of a head with a nose, eyes, and ears, and colored it in many different colors.

Their third project was to cut a piece of paper in a design along the edges.  Then they made "waves" in two different directions on the paper and then glued tissue paper in different colors in the spaces they made. Anthony took a really long time on his "masterpiece" painting and did not get finished with this last project. Christian got cranky and didn't get finished either, but we brought pieces home so they can finish them later.

Nick and Alex worked on finishing their box kite.  Our teacher finished constructing it for them and they put on the finishing touches and decorated it.

They tried to draw and paint a design on a piece of paper and "stamp" it onto the kite, but then they didn't like how it turned out, so they covered it up with splatter painting.  It turned out really good!  It was very wet so we left it there to dry and will bring it home next week.

It was pretty messy, so they had a little bit of clean up to do.

Another great Art Class!
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