Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 4, 2013

Homeschool Art Class Week 5

It is a new month so we are learning about a new artist.  This month's artist is Henri Matisse.  We completed a variety of projects today and have a homework assignment to look at some of Matisse's work and to bring in a drawing similar to one of his next week.  Hopefully I will remember to have the children do the homework!

Our first project today was to paint our clay sculptures from last week.  Alex does such great sculptures, but last year his deer fell apart, and today his hammer fell apart!  We need to figure out how to get his sculptures to stay together!!

Close up of Anthony's vase

Project number 2 was a drawing at the easels using chalk pastels.  They were supposed to draw a face because Henri Matisse drew faces and liked to use bright colors.

Next they did marker drawings with bright colors.

The last project we had was to do a painting on bright pink paper using bright colors.

Another great Art Class!
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