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Monday, September 30, 2013

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Fundanoodle

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Fundanoodle is a new education readiness brand that is designed to develop and improve writing skills and other everyday activities.  Their products range from writing tablets to multi-activity kits and are designed to make leaning a fun and interactive experience.  Their products are for ages 3- 7 and are color coded: Orange for 3-Pre-K, Blue for Pre-K-K, Green for K-1st, and Purple for ages 7-2nd grade. Over the last several weeks I have had an opportunity to use and review two of the products in their Blue Series with my 4 year old daughter: I Can Do Math Level 2 and Max and Alphie's Adventures Level 2.

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I Can Do Math Level 2 is a 9x12 tablet size book for Pre-K-K children (ages 4-5.)  The book is spiral bound at the top and each page is perforated for easy removal if you choose.  The Fundanoodle books feature Alphie an adventurer and his best friend Max the Monkey.  In this book, children will learn numbers 1-20 including writing the number and the word for each number, sets, greater than, less than, patterns, and more.  The book contains 41 sheets plus colorful stickers to add to each page as it is completed.  You can purchase I Can Do Math Level 2 here for $5.99.

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Max and Alphie's Adventures Level 2 is also a 9x12 tablet for Pre-K-K children (ages 4-5) with the spiral binding at the top and perforated pages.  This book is full of activities such as connecting the dots, mazes, finding hidden objects, and coloring.  These activities help to improve fine motor skills, build confidence, and improve hand control.  The book contains 40 pages plus colorful stickers to place on each page once your child has finished.  You can purchase Max and Alphie's Adventures Level 2 here for $5.99.

We received our books from Fundanoodle late on a Friday afternoon.  We usually take Fridays off of school but as soon as Lily saw the books, she wanted to dive right in!  I had thought that we would do one activity page out of each book per day, but she had different ideas.  She got to work on Max and Alphie's Adventures on Friday and had the entire book completed by Sunday!  The Math book I slowed her down a bit, only allowing her to do 1-2 pages per day.

The first thing that I noticed about these books that I really, really like is that they are spiral bound with the binding at the top of the tablet.  The pages lay completely flat and the binding does not get in the way at all!  The perforated pages make it easy to remove the pages if you want to (for hanging on the fridge or giving to someone) or you can keep them all contained in the tablet.  The activities in the Max and Alphie's Adventure Level 2 are just the kind of things Lily loves doing like dot to dots and mazes.  Most of the activities she could complete on her own, although a few I had to explain to her what she needed to do.  She loves the stickers!!

The I Can  Do Math Level 2 pages are a little more involved and require more assistance from a parent so I sat with her when she was working on these. You have to read the instructions to your child on each page and also explain how to form the numbers.  They use words like "buzz around", "zoom down", and "zip across" to explain the strokes.  Each number has a page like the picture above that you have to trace and write the number and trace and write the words.  You also have an activity on each number page such as putting happy faces on the balloons, or drawing a road for the cars to drive on.  In addition to these pages, there are shapes to trace, patterns to finish, sets to match, dot to dots, shapes to color, and more.

I think these books from Fundanoodle are great workbooks and the Level 2 book that we reviewed were absolutely perfect for my preschooler!  The activities are fun, and age appropriate.  I rarely comment on price because it is such a subjective thing, but at only $5.99 for the book that includes stickers, these are very affordable!

Members of The Crew reviewed a wide variety of items from Fundanoodle including the other levels of workbooks and their hands on activity kits.  To see what my Crew Mates had to say, click on the banner below.


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