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Our Family

Friday, September 13, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 5

We have had a busy week this week!  This week was our County Fair, so we did not get as much work done.  Monday we had to take all of our exhibits, chickens and rabbit, and set up our fair booth.  We were there for a few hours and by the time we got home it was already past lunch time.  We did get some Math and Writing done, but that was all the school we did.  We took a little time to relax and then we had to rush off to soccer.

Tuesday my wonderful husband went over to the fair for me to take care of the chickens and rabbit.  He works only a few minutes away from the fair grounds, and for us it takes a little over 20 minutes to get there.  We got to spend some time outside in the morning and got Bible, Writing, Spelling, and Math done.  We also started reading aloud from George Washington: True Patriot.

Wednesday was the chicken and rabbit judging.  We are allowed to watch the judging and ask the judge questions of we have any.  So we headed out to the fair.  When we were there on Monday there wasn't a whole lot of livestock there yet, so the children wanted to go through the barns after the judging was over.  Then of course we had to see what ribbons all of their exhibits earned.  So we were there for quite awhile.  That was another day we only got Writing and Math done.

Yesterday we were back on track and got everything I had planned to get done done.  Even Lily, who honestly had not done anything all week besides color her Bible page and listen to me read aloud did some work.  She did a lesson in her Fundanoodle Workbook and did a Logic of English lesson.  We even managed to squeeze in her Adventus piano lesson in before I had to cook supper and get the boys to soccer!

Today we were off to the fair again.  We took care of our animals, took a look around at the other animals (again) and got to see (and some of them held) a baby alligator.  Then we were off to Art Class, and the library.  I had several quick errands as well.

Tomorrow is the Livestock Premium Sale which will take several hours.  Then we will have to head back up tomorrow night for fair clean up and bring the animals home.  Then fair week will be over!  I'd like to say that we will be back on track next week, but we have some things going on and still won't get in a full week of homeschooling.  That's the beauty of homeschooling though, flexibility!!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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