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Our Family

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 7

This week was supposed to be our first full week of morning and afternoon school work.  Supposed  to be.  It wasn't.

Sunday after church, the children were playing outside and Christian fell off of the porch swing and chipped his two front (permanent) teeth.  It hurt right when he did it, but he was not complaining of pain later htat day and he was able to eat (thank goodness!)  Monday morning I called the dentist and they were able to get him and Lily (because she had a spot on her tooth) in on Tuesday morning.  So we managed to get a full day of school in on Monday.

Tuesday I drove 1 1/2 hours one way to the dentist.  Luckily both children had quick and painless fixes to the teeth and the dentist didn't think there was any nerve damage done to Christian's teeth (whew!)  Then we ran into Walmart real quick, drove through McDonald's and drove 1 1/2 hours home.  We managed to get Math and Writing done that day.  Then we had to leave again for a 4 H meeting and 2 soccer games.

Wednesday morning I had some work that had to be completed on the computer from about 9-11 am.  It was beautiful outside so the children played outside.  When I was finished we read from George Washington, did History, Math, Writing, Spelling, Bible, and Nick did Latin.

I got some mail that needed to be addressed by me making phone calls on Thursday morning.  So we got started a little later than usual.  But, we got everything done but Science.

Friday we were off to Art Class and run errands.

I was feeling kind of guilty that this is our 7th week of school, and we have only managed to get one full day of school in.  But, then I remembered that flexibility is one of the reasons that I love to homeschool!  And, I reminded myself that I don't need to be sitting down teaching for the children to be learning.  They are learning every minute!  And in addition to all the "school" stuff I listed we had a very fun and educational 4 H meeting, and had some fun learning more about and playing chess this week.  Even on the days that we didn't manage a "full schedule", we still did get quite a bit done!

We haven't been doing Science regularly at all.  But we did quite a bit of Science this summer and have had an opportunity to do quite a bit of hands on stuff that falls under Science.  Just because it doesn't come from a book, doesn't mean it doesn't count!  The really cool thing is that we have 2 reviews  that we are getting this week that are both Science!  One is a supplemental hands on project that my big boys are really going to enjoy, and the other is.......Apologia's brand new Elementary Science Book Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics!  So it is actually a good thing that we haven't dived back into Land Animals, because first we will get to dive into Chemistry and Physics!

Maybe this week we will be able to do a full schedule all week long, but then again if we don't that will be ok too!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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