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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Christian Kids Explore Creation Science by Bright Ideas Press

In 2012, I had an opportunity to review Christian Kids Explore Biology from Bright Ideas Press.  You can find my review on that here.  I was very excited to see the newest book in the series, Christian Kids Explore Creation Science, and was even more excited that we were sent a copy to use and review.

Christian Kids Explore Creation Science was written for grades 4-8, but it can be easily adapted to use with a little younger or a little older children.   The focus of this book is the study of Creation Science where wonders of God's creation will be appreciated.  It contains 28 lessons in 6 units including:

Unit One: Creation Science and the Creation Model

Unit Two: Six Days of Creation

Unit Three: The Flood of Noah

Unit Four: The Age of the Earth

Unit Five: Evolution and the Evolution Model

Unit Six: Confidence in Creation Science

In addition to the textbook, you also receive a CD that contains: lesson plans, reproducibles, materials list, and a bonus literature study guide.

Each unit starts out with a short introduction, list of objectives, vocabulary words, and materials.  Then it goes into the teaching time which you can read aloud, or have older students read on their own.  After teaching time for each lesson there are 5 Review It fill in the blank questions.  There is also a Hands On Time activity to reinforce what was taught in the lesson in a fun and interesting way.  Each unit also has a coloring page, Think About It exercise and a multiple choice Unit Wrap Up.  Also, there are Scripture verses that are related to the lessons, defined vocabulary words, and interesting relevant trivia information in each lesson.

View a sample by clicking here.

You can purchase Christian Kids Explore Creation Science for $39.95.

I have been using Christian Kids Explore Creation Science with my 11,9,8,6,4, and 2 year olds.  One of the things I like the most about the Christian Kids Explore series is that you can adapt it to use with a wide range of ages.  The younger children may not learn all of the definitions and answers that the older children do, but they certainly can listen in, color the coloring pages, and participate in the hands on activities.  The hands on activities are our favorite part!  Reading about something is great, but when you get to do a hands on activity, is much more fun!  Activities in this book include: making a creation science notebook, discovering seeds, animal scavenger hunt, species name discovery, dog facts, build a dinosaur, light scavenger hunt, sky inventory, how did your garden grow, constellations, get a pet fish, days of creation summary, build a model of Noah's ark, load the cargo onto the ark, a sediment shake, make a fossil, become a zoology expert, vocabulary word search, leaf collection, label a cell picture, build a bird that flies, compare a bird to reptiles, work on a puzzle, create what you think, read The Emperor's New Clothes, make a model of Mars, and make a model of the Earth.

From a busy homeschool mom's standpoint, I think that this course is very easy to teach.  The only advanced prep you need is quick glance at the materials list to see what you will need for the hands on activities so you can buy what you don't have, and printing out the necessary resources from the CD is all you need to do to get ready for the lesson. There is no need for a separate Teacher's book, everything you need is included in the text and the resources CD.

Including the resource CD with the book is wonderful!  It is so easy to pop in the CD and print out all of the pages I need for the lessons.  Much easier and more convenient than trying to scan the pages of the book to copy.

I love the coloring pages!  There is one page for each unit and a few others that go along with the lesson.  I wish there was one for every day's lesson that the girls could color while I was reading.

Most of all, I think the book does a great job explaining what Creation Science is, showing how it falls in line with what God tells us in the Bible, and showing why Evolution cannot be true.  Our children need to know about Evolution so that they can dispute it and I think Christian Kids Explore Creation Science is a great course, and a fun and interesting way for our children to learn this.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own and I received no other compensation.  I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.

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