Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 6, 2013

Homeschool Art Class Week One

We were so excited to be back to Art Class today!  Our last class was all the way back in February.  Our teacher had gotten sick and then had to have a knee and hip replacement.  We were not sure if she would even be able to teach this fall, but I got an email from her a few weeks ago that said she was ready to start classes again.  The children couldn't wait!

I wasn't sure how much of an interest we would have because they have started a writing co-op in our area for homeschoolers and there are several families that are participating in that, but it is only for ages 3rd grade and up.  We also have several new homeschooling families in our area (yay!) So I sent out some information and we had 12 sign up for the morning class, and 5 for the afternoon class!  We shortened the class from 2 hours to 1 1/2 hours to make it easier on some of the moms and because 2 hours was a bit too long for some of the little ones.

Today we only got two projects done because we had to fill out paperwork and get everyone introduced and situated.  We split the children into two tables with 1st grade and up at one table and Pre-K-K at the other table.  Today's lesson was on Picasso.  The children did a drawing using different shapes and lines and then colored each section a different color.

For the second project, the older children traced a leaf and then shaded it in with greens, browns, and yellows.  The younger children cut random shapes and designs out of green paper and then glued those to a leaf picture.

Emelia just drew and colored whatever she wanted to.

At the end of class they had some time to play with the toys.  They were glad they were still there!

We had a great first class and are looking forward to next week!
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