Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Mini Vacation to Chemin-A-Haut State Park

Art's dad made a trip all the way from Western NY to Bastrop, LA to visit some family.  Bastrop is around 4 hours from us, so we loaded up the children and went down there on Sunday morning.  Normally we would have preferred to visit on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday, but we had the fair last week and had to be there Saturday for the Premium Auction and clean up.  Art's aunt had told us about a state park that was not far from where she lived.  You know how much we love camping (especially cabin camping.)  It is a much better arrangement for us than a hotel.  So we stayed two nights at Chemin-A-Haut State Park.

The cabin we had was a deluxe cabin with 2 bedrooms.  It was really nice!

Front of the cabin

Living room. The bed was a sleeper sofa.


Boys bedroom

Other bedroom

Screened in porch

Back deck
The cabin was air conditioned and even had satellite TV and limited WiFi.  It was on the "water" with a little dock to fish off of, but the water was way down.  The children were hoping to see an alligator, but we didn't.  The only negative about the cabin was the kitchen.  It had VERY limited dishes and pots and pans.  It did have a dishwasher, microwave, and coffee maker, but no toaster (which I didn't realize until I had bought bagels for breakfast.)  All of the bed linens were provided including comforters for each of the beds, but I had to make all of the beds.

The rest of the park was very nice too.  We had a nice picnic in one of the pavilions next to one of the playgrounds (there are two nice playgrounds.)  I did not get a single picture of the picnic.  Keeping an eye on the children, and talking made me forget all about it.  It was pretty hot that day and we were very thankful for the shade and the breeze!

The park had a swimming pool but it closed after Labor Day.  There was a fishing area down by the playground that we took the children fishing to.

The children did not last very long fishing.  They kept catching big sticks on their lines and snagging them.  After the 4th fishing line broke, they pretty much gave up on catching anything.  I took the younger children up to the playground, and pretty soon the older children followed too.

After the children were gone, Art and his dad caught several fish.

When the men started catching fish, the big boys went back down to the fishing area.  The rest of us stayed and had fun on the playground.

You have to check out by 11, so we had everything loaded up by 10 and took the children back to the playground.  Grandpa bought us lunch at Pizza Hut and then we made the trip back home.  It was a nice little mini vacation, but I was so glad to be home and back in my own bed!!
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