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Our Family

Friday, September 6, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 4

This week we added Bible back into our school day.  Even though that is normally morning school work, we are still only working in the afternoons right now so we can spend some time outside everyday.  I wanted to start using something with all of the children together, but that hasn't worked out so far.  We had received Bible Study Guide For All Ages to review earlier on the summer, and although I like it, it is not going to work for us long term.  Even though the Bible story for all the different ages is the same, the lesson format is different, and teaching three different lesson formats at the same time will just not work for me.  Plus, the worksheets are consumable and each child needs their own.  The student pages are $5.95 each and I would need 5 of them, which be be $30 per month, more than I want to spend.  We are going to finish up the ones we already have.  We are all doing the lesson together, Nick and Alex just listen in as I only got enough for 3 students for the review.  We will continue to use the Bible Summary Cards and the Timeline Cards even after we finish.  They are fantastic!  I have not yet decided what we will use next.  Either Classical Academic Press Old Testament 2 or Apologia's What On Earth Can I Do?

We did some science this week as well so I could finish up my review of Christian Kids Explore Creation Science.  We will be coming back to this book some time in the future.  We also just got a new review downloaded and ready to start from YWAM Publishing George Washington :True Patriot book and study guide.  I just got a review just for me!  The Homeschool Mom's Bible.  It came yesterday, and I have to tell you that the devotional I read for yesterday spoke right to my heart.  I am so blessed to have received this and look forward to reading it throughout the year.

We continued on working in our Math and Writing curricula.  I can't believe we already have a whole month of Math completed!

Homeschool Art Class started back up today!  We had fun learning about Picasso.  I will be adding in some information on him into our homeschool this week.

Soccer started up for us too.  I have three children playing on three different teams.  Anthony isn't playing because he doesn't want to, and even though Lily is old enough, we did not give her the option to play this year.  Thankfully all 3 children are practicing on the same days.  That helps a lot!

The county fair starts next week.  This will be our busiest week of the year.  We will not be adding in our full morning school work until after this week is over.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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