Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Shopping Trip: Brookshire's and Walmart

This morning I doubled checked to make sure I had my ad, list, and coupons ready to go.  I stuck it all in my purse, loaded up the children and we were off.  On the way to town, Chelsea mentioned that we needed Kitty Litter, so I told her to put it on the list.  We dropped her off at her 4 H practice and headed to Brookshire's.  Got the children all inside, and went to pull out my list.  It wasn't there.  I left them right by the door where I could see them and ran back out to the van.  No list.  So I had to shop without it.  We did pretty well and I only for got two things at Walmart.

My children really amused me in Brookshire's because the first thing they said was, "We need to check out the going bad table to see if there's anything good."  The last three weeks we have got some Pita Pockets that were reduced because they had reached their sell by date.  Today, we got two packs of cupcakes that were only .99 each.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.50 plus .50 e coupon
Lucky Charms $2.99 plus .50 e coupon
Scott paper Towels $5.00 plus .75 cent coupon
Pasta (3 boxes) $1 each
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce (2) $1 each
Bananas .59/lb
Plums $1/lb
Leaf Lettuce $1.29
Mac and Cheese (4) .75 each
Ground Angus Beef reduced (2) $2.25 each
Roast reduced $3.30
Cupcakes (2) .99 each
M&M's .59 (2) plus .50 off of 2 (that was my last M&M's coupon)

My total was $35.10
$12.05 in Thank You Card savings
1.25 in coupon savings


I got one of those cashiers in Walmart that scrutinizes every word on every coupon and then goes back through your purchases to make sure you bought the correct item, even though the coupon won't work if you didn't.  I only had 5 coupons to use and I was glad.  I will remember not to go though her line again.  By the time we have gone to two stores and are checking out the children are getting tired and impatient!

Greek Yoplait Yogurt $1 each plus $1 off of 5 coupon=.80 each
Yoplait Yogurt .59 each plus .40 off of 6=.52 each
Quaker Granola Bars $3.98 plus $1 off=$2.98
Sure Jell 2 pk $4.57 plus $1 off of 2=$3.57
Premium Rounds $1.88 plus $1 off=.88

And the list?  It was found after Walmart underneath the driver's seat in the van.  I had looked every where I could think of, but I didn't look there!
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