Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Shopping Brookshires and Walmart 7/12/13

I actually went shopping yesterday.  Normally Friday is our shopping day, but I had to drop Chelsea off for a practice for the upcoming State O Rama and since we had an hour and a half to kill I decided we would go shopping yesterday and stay home this morning.


Brookshire's had a lot of items buy one get one for .01.  I bought several things with this deal.

Tostinos Tortilla Chips $4.29 buy one get one for .01=$2.15 each
Graham Crackers $4.59 buy one get one for .01 =$2.30 each plus $1 off 2 coupon=$1.80 each
Charmin Toilet Paper $7.59 buy one get one for .01=$3.80 each
Cream Cheese $1.79 buy one get one .01=.90 each
Whipped cream cheese $2.28 buy one get one .01=$1.15 each
Cherry Tomatoes (my 2 year old loves these!!) $3.99 buy one get one for .01=$2.00 each
Pork Chops $5.79 buy one get one .01 =$2.90 each
Split Chicken Breasts $4.38 buy one get one for .01=$2.20 each

I also bought
24 pk of water $2.49
2 boxes mac and cheese .75 each
Honey Ham (my 9 year old's favorite that Walmart no longer has) $3.50
Bananas .59/lb
Ranch Dresssing $2.39 each plus $1.00 off of two coupon=$1.89 each
M&m's .59 each plus .50 off 2 coupon =.35 each
Pita Pockets normally $2.59 on sale rack for .95

Total before sales and coupons $89.64
Thank you card savings $35.76
Coupons $2.50

Total spent $51.38  savings of 44%


Walmart coupons

Koolaid .20 each plus a coupon for buy 10 get 3 free (.75 off) =.14 each
Snickers Ice Cream Bars $2.97 plus a $1.50 off coupon=$1.47
Activia Greek Yogurt $3.78 plus $1.00 coupon =$2.68
Capri Suns $1.98 each (I bought 2 but the children drank some on the way home) plus $1 off 2 coupon =$1.48 each

I have been very pleased with my sale and coupon shopping over the last few weeks!  I am building a nice little stash in my cupboards and freezer and my fridge is stocked.  I hope to get to the point where I am only buying items that are on sale!
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