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Our Family

Friday, March 29, 2013

March Cloverbud 4 H Meeting

Yesterday was our March Cloverbud 4 H meeting.  Cloverbuds are technically ages 5-8, but the odest child in my club is 11 and we have some siblings of 4 hers as young as 3 (well and Emelia but she doesn't really participate.)  Our meeting was on container gardening.  Now, I have a black thumb.  I do not grow things well at all!  But, my friend who helps me with the club is an awesome gardener and cans all of her own fruits and vegetables, so she helped me out with the planning of this meeting.

There is a 4 H competition coming up called Illustrated Talks and Demonstrations where the kids compete doing a Power Point Presentation or using posters on various subjects, or doing a demonstration.  For Cloverbuds there are no "rules" they use the county competition as practice for when they are old enough to compete at the district level.  For our meeting, one of our club members (who just turned 8) did an awesome Power Point Presentation on container gardening.  Then, his sister did a demonstration showing the kids how to plant their seeds in a container garden.  After that all of the children had a chance to plant their own seeds in their containers.  We planted pinto beans, sunflowers, and zinnias.  We used the $1 shoe box containers from Walmart.  My husband drilled 2 holes in the bottom to allow for drainage and we used the lid to set the container on.  I had 15 kids tell me they were coming(I asked them to call or text me so I could have the right number of containers), so I bought supplies for 15.  The project cost $28 and I had each child pay $2 so that was just about perfect.  One didn't come and I had two come that I didn't know about, so because we didn't have enough containers, the last child planted in Styrofoam cups which worked out fine.

It was a little shorter than our normal meetings, but that was good too because several of the children had T-ball, or soccer games to get to.

I do not do a great job taking pictures since I was passing out seeds, but I did get a few.

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