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Our Family

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Model of the Solar System

Anthony has been working on the Astronomy and Space Unit Study from A Journey Through Learning (review posting last week of March.)  He really has been fascinated with space and learning about the planets.  The other day when I was placing an order from Amazon and still $8 away from a $25 order for free shipping, I decided to look for a kit for him on the planets.  I found this one and decided to go ahead and order it for Anthony.

It came Saturday morning and I have to say the timing was perfect!  Christian and Alex had gone with their daddy to go pick up a car (Art's new project a 72 Dodge Swinger) but Anthony and Nick really don't have that much interest in cars so they stayed home with me and the girls.  The kit came and gave Anthony and Nick something the two of them could work on together.  Anthony (7) was able to do a lot of it himself, but Nick was there to help him read the directions and make sure that Anthony put the planets in the spots.

Each of the planets had to be put together (they snapped together no glue required) and painted, then placed on the stand in the correct spot.  Everything you need for the kit came with it.  It even came with some glow in the dark paint to put over top of the colored paint to make the planets glow.  It is a model, not a toy.  I told Anthony it probably would not stand up to a lot of playing with and it really needs to be stored on a shelf.  He does take it down and move the planets around in their orbits around the sun.  He is very happy with his model!  Now he wants to do one of the moon and the stars.

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