Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Social

Our homeschool group was planning on having a Valentine Social tomorrow, but the church we were going to use had some plumbing problems, so instead we changed the party date to today after Art class.  Art ended up being cancelled at the last minute anyway, so we played at a friend's house until it was time for the party.  It has been several years since our group has done anything for Valentine's Day so the children were quite excited!  Each child was to bring a Valentine Box and then they would get to vote on which one they liked the best.  My children worked very hard on their boxes yesterday.

 Nick, Christian, and Alex made monsters, Lily made a princess castle, and Anthony made the Black Pearl.  Lily's castle won second place!  She got a card for a free dessert that McDonalds donated to our group.  I was very impressed with the creativity of the different boxes!

We met at 12:00 and each brought a sack lunch for our children and a treat to share.

Each of the children had an opportunity to give a small presentation if they wanted to.  My children did not prepare anything, but we had one child sing, one sing and play the guitar, and one that gave a presentation on the history of Valentine's Day.

Then we played 2 indoor games.  Bingo was the first game we played.  Chelsea was the Bingo caller.  Nick won both rounds of Bingo (although he only got to keep one prize.)  That boy has quite a bit of luck with numbers.

The second game was a cake walk.  Anthony was one of the first ones to win.  Once you won, you took your cupcake and sat down to eat it.  After Anthony ate his cupcake, he tried to join back in the game.  He will do anything for sweets!

It was a beautiful day today, so we also had a few outside games and some free time outside.

They had a wonderful time!  I hope we do it again next year.
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