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Our Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planning For Next Year

I don't know that I ever really stop planning, but usually starting in February I start thinking seriously about what I am going to need for next year.  The first place I "shop" is in my schoolroom and on my computer and iPad to see what I already have.  Then comes the difficult part.  I have to decide what I am going to sell.  This is very hard for me!  I just cannot keep everything because I don't have the space and I don't want to hold on to things that will collect dust on the shelf that someone might need.  Plus, I have a 5 year gap between my oldest and second children so even when it is something we love for her, it may not work for him (or any of the others) 5 years or more down the road.  But, there have also been so many times that I have sold something and then wished I hadn't : ( .  Decisions, decisions.

Then I start researching curricula that I may want to use. Many companies will send you a catalog for free if you request one.  Also I visit a lot of websites and read a LOT of reviews for products I am interested in using for next year.

After I figure all of that out, I start making a list of things I know I will need to buy.  This year I am using the iPad to make the list.  Yay!  Now it won't get lost!  I have a budgeted amount of money for homeschooling supplies/fieldtrips every month.  This list helps me to see how much money I will need by August and also allows me to start looking for some things used to save money.  Right after I started my list, I found a complete set of Math U See Zeta unused, no writing listed in a Facebook Group that I was able to buy for $35 including shipping, saving me $35 off of the brand new price!

I may change my mind a few times before the school year starts.  We could get a review for something and we will continue on with that instead of buying something else, or I may decide I like something better.  But, at least by planning early it gives me a starting point.

One thing I have on my Wish List is a laser printer.  Many companies are going to ebooks or other digital downloads that you need to print out.  My inkjet printer uses a lot of ink and the investment in a laser printer would be more than worth the money!  I am hoping to buy one before the next school year starts.

This is what I have figured out so far for next year:

High School Senior
Math U See (not sure which one she will do after Algebra II, maybe Geometry or Stewardship)
Essentials in Writing
World Literature by James Stobaugh

I still need to figure out Economics and Government.  Any suggestions?

Grades 1-6

Math U See for all (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Zeta)
Handwriting Without Tears
Apologia Land Animals
Classical Academic Press Old Testament 2
Mystery of History Volume 3

Grade 1 will continue PAL Reading/Writing
Grade 2 will use Essentials in Writing
Grades 4 and 6 will be participating in an IEW Writing Intensive A Co-op

Grades 1,2,4 will use All About Spelling

My 3 year old already wants to "do school" every day!  So far she has been happy with doing some of the Flowering Baby activities, lapbooks, and using some of big brother's math worksheets.  I may have to go ahead and get her started on HWOT, math, and reading next fall.

Plus we will have some other things we will do when review items come our way.  We have been so blessed his year already with Homeschool Reviews!  I  would really also like to get Visual Latin going again with my boys and if we will not be able to have Art Classes next year I will have to figure something out for that too.

Have you started planning yet for next year?
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