Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nature Quilting and Fishing

Yesterday was Nature Quilting at Rick Evans Grandview Prairie.  The program starts at 9:00 so we had to get up and ready to go pretty early so we could be there on time.  I talked about Nature Quilting in an earlier post , but basically once a month you go and hear a 30-45 minute program on a nature topic and then get a pattern for a quilt square.  At the end of twelve months you have 12 quilt squares to sew into a Nature Quilt. The younger children are tracing and coloring their squares with fabric markers, the middle children are doing applique for their squares, and Chelsea is sewing hers.  Previous topics have been birds, frogs, flowers, arrow heads, and Grandview.  Yesterday's topic was Owls.  We heard a very interesting program on Owls and the children excitedly talked about when we dissected owl pellets last year.  When we get the squares finished, I will post pictures.  We need to pick up some more supplies next time we are in a town that sells fabric since we don't have any brown.  There was a finishing clinic and derby scheduled for right after Nature Quilting, but it was very cold and windy so we did not stay.  Hopefully next month the weather will be better.

After the program we went home and did some cooking and cleaning for our company that was coming over.  It was great to have friends over for dinner!

Today after church, Art decided he would take the boys fishing because they were so disappointed that they didn't get to the day before and the weather was much nicer.  I thought that Lily would stay home with Emmie and I (Chelsea was at a friend's house), but she wanted to go too.  That left Emmie and I home alone  (that has never happened before!)  I put her down for her nap and tried to take a nap myself, but I have a terrible time falling asleep especially during the day, so I curled up with a book instead.  The house was so quiet!  The children had a great time fishing and Nick and Alex eat brought home a trout which is now cleaned and in the freezer.  Art did get one picture of the boys and their fish.  He said he didn't get other pictures of the children because he spent most of his time making sure nobody drowned!  It takes a special man to take a 3,5,7,9, and 11 year old fishing all at the same time!  Lily got bored with fishing after 15 or 20 minutes, but she stayed busy playing with the rocks and sand and walking in the freezing cold water.  They all had a great time!

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