Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tomatoes and Drums

Now that;s an interesting title for a Blog Post.  First, tomatoes.  We planted a variety of seeds back in March.  Each of the children picked a seed and we planted them.  I am terrible at growing things. The herbs Christian planted never grew.  The sunflowers Anthony picked grew, but died during the drought when we went out of town this summer.  Same with the corn Alex picked.  Nicholas's carrots and Chelsea's beans started to grow but were eaten by something.  Lily planted tomatoes.  The plants grew and grew but we never got any blossoms or tomatoes on them.  Then, recently they started getting blossoms.  Today, we went outside and there was not one, but two green tomatoes!  She was so excited!  She sat down next to the plant because she wanted to watch it grow.  So cute!  I hope it grows big enough to eat before we get a frost.

Alex has wanted a drum set for a very long time.  He drums on everything all the time.  A friend of ours was selling her sons 5 piece starter set because he was ready for a bigger set.  We decided to buy the drum set and give it to Alex as an early birthday present.  He was so excited!!

I ordered a starter book and DVD from Rainbow Resource, but in the meantime found a free online video instruction for beginners.  I know nothing about the drums.  I played Clarinet for years and can also play some piano.  But, after watching the video I managed to do just fine giving Alex a drum lesson and after working with him for about 20 minutes he could easily play the first rhythm on the video.  He has really good rhythm and he loves his drum set.  The drums are located in the family room for now, but once the walls and floor are completed, they will move to the living room upstairs.
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