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Our Family

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homeschool Art Class 10/20/12

Can you believe I forgot to take my camera to Art Class?  I did have quite a few things to get together and remember Friday morning, but still was surprised when I went to pull my camera out to take some pictures and I didn't have it.  I did have my phone, but it is a non smart phone and doesn't take fabulous pictures.  I did take a couple but forgot to go back and get one of Nick and Alex.  Oh well.  I will be sure to bring it next week.

Class was a little chaotic!!  We had a new homeschool student and our teacher has a new assistant, so maybe the new people combined with the pretty fall weather just made the children hyper.  Anyway, the younger girls did some water color paintings while the boys worked on some more Egyptian drawings.  They had an opportunity to draw and marker a Pharoah and some pyramid.  After working on those for awhile we changed gears and did a cartoon drawing using different shapes while the girls drew whatever they wanted.  Then the girls were coloring, so the boys wanted to also.  They got to color Yoda (they all love Star Wars) and a hockey stick and puck with markers.  I thought it was really cute that Anthony signed his name on each of his papers in Hieroglyphics which we learned in class a few weeks ago.  We will continue working on Egyptian art next week.

When the weather is nice, we go to the park after class and have a picnic before heading out to Walmart to buy groceries.  This week we had enough time to eat and the children had only been playing a few minutes when a public school bus pulled up.  It was about 1:00 in the afternoon and it dropped off 20 or so High School students to play on the play equipment.  Really??  15,16,17 year old students to play on play equipment at the park in the middle of the school day.  We decided not to stay and packed up and left.
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