Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 26, 2012

October Cloverbud Meeting

For our October meeting, I decided to have a meeting on pumpkins.  I needed something fun for fall that could be finished including feeding the children a snack in about an hour.  I bought bags of mini pumpkins from Walmart for $2.50 a piece (5 in each bag.)  I also bought a pack of Crayola washable paint for $4.97.  Our club does not have very much monye, so to offset the cost of supplies I am having each child contribute $1 for supplies every meeting we have. 

We started out the meeting with pledges, announcements, and information about our next meeting.  Then a read a book to the children about pumpkins showing pumpkin growth from the seed to the finished product.  I used my iPad to read the story because I had found a free ebook on pumpkins from Amazon that I downloaded to my Kindle app.  Then we painted pumpkins!  I had two for each child.  One to take home and one to donate to the nursing home.  The meeting including snack lasted right at an hour.

We were supposed to be playing soccer last night after the meeting.  It would've been the last game for Nick and Christian (Alex's team has another week.)  I made cupcakes for the team we are coaching as a special treat.  But, a little after 4 it started to pour down rain and there was a flash of lightening or two.  Games cancelled.  It is very hard to try to be conducting a 4 H meeting when you keep getting phone calls and text messages about soccer that I had to return so everyone would know we were cancelled.  That made things a little more chaotic than usual.  I was very thankful for some helpful parents!!  The 17 painting children did a great job on their pumpkins and the nursing home will be able to enjoy the ones we donated.

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