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Our Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 H Talks/Demonstrations, Talent, Fashion Revue Contests

Every spring our county 4 H has several contests that the children  can go on to compete at the district level, and seniors also have the opportunity to compete at the state level.  Our county is very small so the county competition is really just a practice run for district although those competing earn ribbons.  Any 4 Her 9 and up that really wants to go on to district can in any slot that is available (in bigger counties only 1 st place winners can go on) and the Extension Agents will work with the children to prepare them for the competition.  Three of the main areas they can compete in are Fashion Revue: purchased or constructed, casual or dressy, Talent: vocal or instrumental, and a talk on any topic related to 4 H using posters or power point length of time varies depending on age, or a demonstration that is 4 H related.

Last year, the day of this contest there was a tornado watch all day.  Shortly after Art headed to town with Chelsea it turned into a warning and they had to leave the EH house and go to the tornado shelter across the street.  The weather was very scary, but lucklily the worst of it went south of us and didn't do much damage.  Monday (the day of the competition) it started out being hot and sunny with a slight chance of rain.  Shortly (like 10 min) after we (I had all the children since hubby was at work) arrived the sky turned black, the wind picked up, and we were under a dangerous thunderstorm warning.  It ended (thankfully) by the time we had to leave.

Chelsea competed in Fashion Revue in the constructed category with her dress that she made last fall for the Sew With Cotton contest.  She was the only one to compete in the constructed category and worked so hard on her dress.  She earned first place and will go on to the district competition in June.  She also sang in the talent competition and earned 2 nd place.  Alex is a cloverbud and not eligible to go on to district, but I thought it would be a good experience for him.  We talked about many different things he could do, but he ended up wanting to do a science demonstration.  He did the color changing milk experiment from the Amazing Science DVD we reviewed a few weeks ago.  He was the only cloverbud to compete and he did a great job!  Everyone was amazed by his experiment and he did an awesome job on the talking part even though he had to memorize it because he can't read well enough to read from note cards.  It was a very good experience for him and he was proud of his blue ribbon.

I was also very proud of the other 5 children who had to sit and be quiet for almost two hours!  They were very good and as a reward for all we bought a box of ice cream sandwiches to eat on the way home.  Next competition up is B Day (bicycles, bait casting, BB shooting) and it will be n Friday.

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