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Our Family

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Winding Down the School Year

There are only 13 days left in our "school year!"  Wow!  The year went so fast.  I think we have had a really good year and made a lot of progress in different areas.  This is also the first year I can remember that I did not get my usual Jan/Feb homeschool burnout and desperate need for a break.  I really enjoyed all the curriculum we used this year and we were so blessed with some awesome review products. 

We have already finished Science.  We will finish Apologia's Who Am I today.  There are 13 lessons left in All About Reading Level One.  Chelsea finished her Math yesterday and the boys will keep plugging along in their books.  Since we have finished Science, we are working on History every day and will finish on time.  We do have a little Writing and Latin to finish up.  We also have some great review products we are working on, so watch for my reviews!

We will be doing a little school this summer.  Chelsea will be doing Math all summer.  The TOS Crew is not ending in June as it usually does and is instead continuing through November, so we will have Crew products to review all summer long.  I am also working on some ideas for a reading incentive program for the children.  My oldest two love to read and read all the time, but I want to keep Alex and Anthony reading this summer so they don't forget all they have learned and keep them in the habit of reading aloud.

I am in the process of deciding what to sell or keep for next year.  That is so hard for me sometimes.  There is a 5 year age difference between Nick and Chelsea so I struggle with the idea of keeping her curriculum that long for him to use.  I hate to keep something that I could sell if I won't use it again, but I also hate to sell something that I could have kept.  I also don't want to use my storage space for things I won't use when I need to make room for new things.  Sigh.  I need to make some more decisions today.

I am excited about finishing up our regularly scheduled school year and looking forward to a fun summer., buying next year's supplies, and starting up the next school year.
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