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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Do You Need to Buy to Use the Mystey of History?

I had a question from a reader that asked if the CD-Rom of reproducibles is a necessary purchase to use the Mystery of History.  I thought that might be a question others may have also, so I decided to do a post on the necessary components to the Mystery of History curriculum.

The only thing you really have to have is the Mystery of History book (whichever volume you choose to begin with.  We started with Vol 1 since it is a chronological history.)  The book contains the lessons, quizzes, tests, activity suggestions for each age range, maps, and keys that you need to complete the course.  Making a timeline is one of the projects that is suggested to work on during the course.  There are suggestions in the book for making the timeline, making your own timeline figures, or purchasing pre made figures from Homeschool in the Woods.  There are also teaching suggestions, suggested schedules, and additional resources (books, movies, etc..) listed in the book to further enhance learning if you choose but they are not completely necessary.

The CD Rom with the reproducibles is optional.  It contains the same material that is in the book.  It is something you may want to purchase if you do not want to copy from the book, or do not have access to a scanner or copier.  I do not have a scanner or copier, but I did not purchase the CD Rom because we do all of the tests and quizzes orally and I had an opportunity to review Wonder Maps last year and am able to print all of the necessary maps from it.  It is a program that allows you to customize and print different types of maps.  All of the maps used in each volume of MOH are in the program along with the answer keys.

There are many other components that are offered to enhance your study if you choose to buy them such as audio cd's, coloring pages, folderbooks, printable challenge cards, craft packs, and more.  Depending on your budget and your children's interests, some of these may be beneficial (and fun!) for your family, but don't feel like you need to spend a fortune on all of the extras to make the course more complete.  The book contains what you need and more for a fun, chronological, hands on, christian based study of history.

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