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Our Family

Monday, May 14, 2012

We Finished Mystery of History Volume 1!

I have to admit that when we started Mystery of History Volume 1 way back in August I was not sure that we were going to finish in one year.  Even after just finishing it, I can easily see that it could even take up to two years to finish depending on the amount of activities you choose to do and the many additional resources (books, movies, etc.) that you could use to enhance your studies.  But, we did finish!  We started out our school year doing history 2 days a week and science 2 days a week.  We finished our science at the end of March and increased our history lessons to 4 days a week and just completed the last lesson and added the last time line figure to the board.

Making a timeline is one of the main suggested activities for Mystery of History, along with making memory cards and doing mapping assignments.  I loved the idea of making a timeline and knew the children would too.  I decided that making our own figures would be a bit more work then I could take on and still be consistent with it.  I decided to purchase the History Through the Ages Creation to Christ timeline figures from Homeschool In the Woods ($22.95.)  This was the perfect solution for us!  All the figures are a perfect size for a timeline and just needed to be cut out and glued down.  You could also color if you wish.  Each figure also has the dates on them and a synopsis of information.  I would highly recommend Homeschool In the Woods!

The timeline itself is a large tri fold science project board that I bought at Walmart.  Chelsea and I glued down card stock strips to make the lines to put the figures on.  We open the timeline to work on it, and fold it store away.

Mystery of History may be my most favorite curriculum ever!  That really is saying a lot because we have had an opportunity to explore a wide variety of different curriculum.  The children (and I too) have learned so much from Mystery of History.  We have already purchased Vol 2 to begin in August and can't wait to get started with it again!

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