Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 11, 2012

B Day

One of the children's favorite 4 H activities every spring is B Day.  B Day stands for bicycles, bait casting, and BB shooting.  In the bicycle competition the children ride through a series of cones getting point deducted for stops, knocking cones over, or skids.  The BB shooting competition includes shooting at a target and taking a gun safety test.  For the bait casting, there is a fish identification test and then they cast their fishing poles into a target on the ground 3 times standing and 3 times sitting and earn points based on where the line lands.

The competitions are held at our city park.  This is great for me because then the younger children have something to do when the older children are competing.  The weather today was absolutely gorgeous!  Not too hot and the rain held off. 

Chelsea competed in the BB Shooting and won second place and then was the Teen Leader in charge of Bait Casting.  Nicholas won 1 st place in Bait Casting, 3rd in Bicycles, and a participation in BB shooting.  He could go on to the district competition for Bait Casting, but he doesn't want to.  Alex won 3rd place in all 3 categories.  Christian won 2nd in bicycles and did not want to compete in the other 2.  He was the youngest one competing and the only one with training wheels.  Anthony did not want to compete.

Since there is only one of me and so many of them, I never get pictures of everything.  I didn't even get one single picture of Anthony or Nick or Alex bait casting.

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