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Saturday, April 21, 2012

TOS Review: Amazing Science Vol 1 DVD

I got to be the coolest homeschool mom ever several times over the last couple of weeks!  We have had an opportunity to review Amazing Science from ScienceandMath.com.  My children have had a wonderful time trying out the experiments and are so excited every time we get to try a new one.  Let me tell you a little about the Amazing Science Vol 1 DVD.

From the website, " Here at ScienceAndMath.com, we believe that Math is a tool to explore our world.  We also believe that all people, young or old, are fascinated by Science.  Our aim is to bring you the very best Science and Math videos to tickle your curiosity and entice you to want to learn more about the world around you!" 

 Amazing Science Vol 1  is two DVD's with 23 hands on experiments.  You will learn the fundamental principles of Science including: electricity, magnetism, heat, temperature, pressure, surface tension, buoyancy, and much more.  Each experiment is described and demonstrated step by step on screen using multiple camera views.  A list of supplies is shown at the beginning of each experiment.  Many of the experiments use common household items.  Not only will you be amazed by watching the experiments, you will understand how they work and have an opportunity to recreate the experiment yourself.

 Chapter Index

Disc 1
Color Changing Milk
Egg in a Bottle
Exploring Air Pressure
Build a Lemon Battery
Inverted Cup of Water
Candle Suction Power
Amazing Magnetic Force
Lift an Ice Cube With String
Unburnable Money
Matchstick Speedboat
Reversing an Image With Water

Disc 2
Floating Eggs
Keeping Paper Dry Underwater
Dry Ice Bubbles
Balloon in a Candle flame
Ocean in a Bottle
Build a Motor with Lights
Simple Lava Lamp
Invisible Ink
Density Tower
Soda Can Fizz
Build a Motor #2

You can purchase Amazing Science Vol 1 as a DVD for $19.95, or as a download for $17.99.  Click here to order.

I have never been very good at science experiments.  Most of the experiments that we have tried tend to have the opposite effect that they were supposed to.  I told the children we were going to watch a DVD with science experiments and then we would get to try them ourselves.  They (Nick 10, Alex 8, Anthony 6, Christian 5, and Lily 3) were quite excited and all got ready around the TV.

Not a great picture but I thought all those blonde heads in a row were pretty cute
The experiments were very well explained and shown on the DVD.  Jason (the man on the DVD) explains everything using a personal tone of voice like he is in the room teaching you.  His interest in what he does comes through on the screen.  After the short video demonstration, the children gathered everything we needed to try it ourselves.

They were amazed (and so was I) when it actually worked!  They loved the color changing milk and had to do the experiment a few more times before we moved on to another one.

All of the experiments worked!  We had a great time with the science experiments and the children want to do all of the experiments on the DVD.

There is one thing that I wish was different.  In order to see the supply list that you need for each experiment you have to turn the DVD on to that experiment and wait for it to come up on the screen.  To plan ahead and to make sure we had the necessary supplies, I turned the DVD on the computer (with the sound off so the children wouldn't know what I was doing) and write down what we needed for each one.  I think it would be easier to include a list of the experiments and necessary supplies as a file on the DVD so the supply list could be printed out.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew I received a complimentary Amazing Science DVD for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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