Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Curriculum In Our Homeschool

We have a few changes and additions to what we are using in our homeschool, so I thought I would tell you about them.

I mentioned before Christmas that Chelsea was struggling in her Math and we needed to make a change in her curriculum.  We went with Math U See Pre-Algebra.  She is doing great!  She loves she can go at her own pace and can do all of her work independently.  More importantly, she is really understanding the concepts and not just guessing her way through multiple choice questions.  It was well worth the money spent.  She will finish Pre-Algebra by June and start working through Algebra 1 over the summer.  She will be sticking with Math U See for the rest of High School.

Nick has started in fractions in his Abeka Math book.  He has done really well with Abeka up to this point, but they move really fast.  Before he is really understanding the first fractions concept, they move on to the next topic and we are getting frustrated. So, I bought the Math Mammoth Fractions Worksheet Collection.  We will be working only on fractions until he understands all the different topics.  I am not sure what he will be doing for Math next year, but I know it will not be Abeka and I am thinking we may stick with Math Mammoth.

Last year, we had the opportunity to review Apologia's Who Is God and Can I Really Know Him?  Read my review here.  This year, we received the second book in the series, Who Am I and What  Am I Doing Here? to review.  This year, we got the complete set including: textbook, notebooking journal, audio files, and coloring book!  We started it yesterday.  Look for my review on it next month.

The other new curriculum that I am really, really, really excited about (can you feel my excitement?)  is All About Reading.  We received All About Reading Level One and the Deluxe Interactive Reading Kit.  We also started this yesterday and I am using it with my 6 year old and 8 year old.  My review on this will also be next month.    

We have been having a great week so far even with the changes and additions and have been getting a lot accomplished.  I am hoping the rest of the year continues on as well!
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